1. I received skills in another world

 Before I knew it, I was standing in the centre of a big stone room.
 Looking around…


 The person in front of me who seemed to be the king was saying something, it was a language I’ve never heard of so I have no idea what he was saying.
 There were people crowded around me that seemed like aristocrats and soldiers.

 As I was dumbfounded with this sudden occurrence, a magician-like man beside the king came close to me.

「lptrepp, pyoifsdso」

 I had no idea what he was saying but he tried handing something over to me.

 I reflexively received it and

 it was a faintly shining stone.

 Although I received it, I have no idea what I should do with it. Then suddenly the light of the stone grew stronger, that light enveloped my body.

「Hero, do you understand my words?」
「Eh, um, yes, I can」
「Good, please keep holding onto that stone」

 I suddenly became able to understand him somehow. Is this stone some kind of translating machine? However, rather than something science-like, it felt more magic-like.

 Also referring to me as a hero? What’s that about?
 Have I come to another world?

 I don’t understand the situation at all.
「The 【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】 seems to function without a problem」
「I see, well done」

 It seems this stone is a 【Magic Stone】. I temporarily acquired the language of these people? Is it really magic after all?

 I still don’t grasp the situation well, so I decided to observe the situation.

「I am King Adelaidos. Hero, I welcome you」

 The king began talking to me. He seemed somewhat arrogant, it’s probably natural since he’s king.
 Next to the king was a cute girl staring at me with a nervous expression. I wonder if she’s the 【Princess】?

「Let’s begin checking his status」

 The king ignored me and ordered his subordinates.

 The magician-like man from before had begun chanting an incantation towards me.


 As the magician-like man finishes chanting the spell, he approaches the king, whispering something to him.

「Hero, this may be sudden, but what kind of occupation is 『Es Ii』?」

 Es Ii? Es Ii… occupation?
 Oh! He’s talking about 【SE】!

「【SE】 means 【System Engineer】」
「System En…whatever, is that 【System】 thing you speak of strong?」
「Strong? It isn’t particularly strong nor weak but…」

「Getting to the point, I’m asking if this 【System】 is useful」
「Well, of course it’s useful! Just the other day, the system I made was used by some thousands of people」

(I wasn’t the only one that made it though)

「I see! So that 『System』 thing you built and spoke of is a strong weapon that can be equipped by some thousands of people」

 The king seemed to have misunderstood something.

 While thinking about how to clear up the misunderstanding, the king advanced the conversation by himself.

「Alright, then prepare to perform the 【Ritual of Skill Acceptance】」

 The magician-like man from before placed something on an extravagant tray, bringing it in front of me.
 Taking off the cloth covering the tray, there was a transparent blue gem and a leather collar on it.
 The gem had an atmosphere similar to the first stone handed over, but unlike the first stone, the gem felt much more transparent.
 The leather collar felt rather large compared to a dog’s.

 When I looked, the girl from before was surprised for some reason when she saw the collar, but the king didn’t really seem to mind and hurried a little to advance the conversation.

「That is called a 【Mana Crystal Fragment】. It a stone that grants you power related to your profession. Next is the 【Choker of Sealed Magic】 which is a protective gear that defends oneself from an enemy’s magic」

 The king rapidly explained. Why was he in such a hurry?

「First you’ll receive power from touching the 【Mana Crystal Fragment】, then put on the【Choker of Sealed Magic】, okay?」

 Hearing the king’s explanation, the girl from before was surprised once again and had an expression like she wanted to say something to the king, however the king ignored her behaviour.

「Come, what are you doing. Let’s quickly perform the ritual」

 He rushed me to do it.

 Although I was bothered by the girl’s behaviour, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the 【Mana Crystal Fragment】 and reach my hand towards it.

 When I touch the 【Mana Crystal Fragment】 the 【Mana Crystal Fragment】 began to shine. The light entered my body through my hand.

『【Space-Time Magic】 acquired.
 【Space-Time Magic】 is now level 5.
 【Information Magic】 acquired.
 【Information Magic】 is now level 5』

 A mechanical voice resounded in my head.

 And for some reason, regarding the magic the magician like man used on me, the 【Appraisal】 magic, I somehow understood that I could also use the 【Appraisal】 magic.

「Come, what are you doing. Quickly put on that sla… Choker of Sealed Magic」

 Looking at the choker, for some reason in regards to wearing the choker, I felt an indescribable dangerous feeling.

 Then, looking towards the girl inadvertently, the girl was extremely disturbed and averted her eyes away from me.

 There must be something to this.


 I tried using 【Appraisal】 on the choker.

 A transparent window then appeared in front of me, displaying the results of the appraisal.

│【Slave’s Choker】
│Choker that makes the person equipped with it a 【Slave】
│Rarity: ★★★

 『Makes the person equipped with it a 【Slave】』!!

「W-What are you doing!」

 The king was extremely upset.

 I ignored the king and also tried to appraise 【Mana Crystal Fragment】.

│【Mana Crystal Fragment】
│A stone that grants the person who touches it skills based on their occupation
│※ Not effective on 【Slaves】
│Rarity: ★★★★★

 I see, 『Not effective on 【Slaves】』. So that’s why you use the 【Mana Crystal Fragment】 beforehand.

「Apparently this collar is a 【Slave’s Choker】 rather than a 【Choker of Sealed Magic】. What is the reason for this?」

 The king was extremely upset I pointed it out and remained silent.
 The people around began talking after seeing the situation.
 In the girl’s case, she had a relieved expression.

 I would have been a 【Slave】 if it went on a little longer, I was saved thanks to the girl’s behaviour.
 The girl knew about the choker, was she not able to say it?

「Since there seems to have been a mistake, you can go without the choker」

 How shameless, he knew about it and yet he tried getting me to equip it!

 I decided to not trust the people of this country.

14 thoughts on “1. I received skills in another world

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Please know that there are many people reading this and appreciate the work you have done. Most are lurkers or leechers. Thanks for everything and best of luck to you !! 🙂 😃


  2. I don’t understand why the mc is complaining, it’s the king who should be embarrassed about his mistaking a slave collar for a collar of sealed magic.


  3. Haha this is awesome!! Not bad at all…though I wasnt expecting his profession to be of a Coder…hopefully he can turn himself young again. That would be great.


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