The protagonist reincarnates into another world, but is born together with a twin little sister, taking advantage of the knowledge from his previous life to grow up. At first unable to speak a word, the protatonist desperately studies while perservering! Confronted with a little sister who is a beautiful genius, he vigourously grew up. But if it escalates any further to a love towards big brother♪
….. really, can he guide his little sister in the right direction? Fighting against that situation carefully from 0 years old… it was already long past to be careful.
By the way big brother, have you also grown up in a strange way too?

Chapter List

0. The Sleepy Angels
1. I think, therefore I am
2. Holy Mother’s Boobs
3. Thrusting out a fist to the sky
4. Reward for Cleaning
5. Training Together
6. Hell & Heaven

7 thoughts on “Soda☆Sis

  1. Oh, this one is interesting, unlike others reincarnations wn the time one this one is slower, meaning it shows more of the protagonist life as a baby. Not sure if you will translate this but just to say some people may get tired on how much time it spends on his story as a baby (took 29 chapter for 1 year to pass since he was born) but at least some find it interesting to read, also, while reading it I got the same feeling of Uchinara, with the protagnoist teaching his sister how to walk and talk.

    Anyway, was just writing all this so all can know somewhat where the story is going, since 5 chapters won’t shown much ^^”
    (also, expect a lot of baby talk from this one).

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  2. Can you do this one as well it seems really interesting whether they both have talent as well thank you keep up the good work


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