『Innocent World Online』 Gokofuri-san no VR nikki

The popular VRMMO 『Innocent World Online』. In this game that sold with a diversity of skills, there is a single man with a perverted/abnormal style that no ordinary person could imitate…..
◇ A story of an expressionless kind of eccentric protagonist that pursues power in this game world, sometimes feared, sometimes envied, and sometimes spending the day leisurely.
◇ The protagonist, Fujitera Kuno was instantly killed by a wave of monsters, his HP bar blown away by the attack of a small rabbit. Like that he felt Gokufuri-san.
◇ Entering a guild of only beautiful girls, he nevertheless said solo was fine. With great pride the animals followed him in fear, the bulletin boards talked about this training (he was not aware). How far will the protagonist’s perverted/abnormal style take him?

Chapter List

1st Tale Start of the Tale
2nd Tale Tale of the Status
3rd Tale Tale of Selecting Skills and Clothes
4th Tale Tale of Finally Logging In
5th Tale Tale of Going Out to the Field
6th Tale Tale of Combat

4 thoughts on “『Innocent World Online』 Gokofuri-san no VR nikki

    • Maybe he wear underwear on his head for a mask? Seriously, just repeatedly calling someone a pervert for having basic human sexual desires is a thing repressed Puritanical westerners do, when did Japan hop on that bandwagon?


      • I think the word “pervert” doesn’t have the same meaning for japanese like for us. Feels more like it just means “male at a certain age range” like Boy – Pervert – Middle aged man – Grandpa.


      • Actually “pervert” in Japan can also refer to a person with eccentric tastes/behavior/personality. So basically, a “weirdo” hahaha


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