Amidst the Camellia

Title: Amidst the Camellia
Author: Natsulus
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Tags: Magic, Military, Politics, Religion, War

Status: Just Begun
Pace: Irregular/Unknown

On the continent of Hecylth, a war of slaughter and conquest rages on between the Empire of the War God, Reidun and the Empire of the Holy Goddess, Yuude.

A newly enlisted foot soldier that goes by the name of Albert Dalley is sent to act as a supply runner on the frontlines. He who had little strength and only his intellect worked his hardest to survive the dangers of the frontlines until a certain incident.

Little did anyone know that this incident would lead to a great change in the war and the empires.

Feel free to critique (not just saying it’s bad) my work. I’m writing this to develop my own writing style and want to see where my mind will take this story which has my favourite setting.


Volume 1 – ???