Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Chapter 14-22


  • Umm hi. Past 5 days except yesterday I was learning how to code a bot for Discord and getting the bot hosted.
  • 3 Chapters of Magi Craft Meister next.
  • More Jikuu Mahou on the Weekend.
  • Was made aware there’s a UchiNara WN translation today, but I’ll still continue LN translation.
  • Next UchiNara Chapter next week’s weekend.
  • Teaser releases is secret AKA I dunno.
  • Next Giveaway starting December 1st lasting till Christmas Eve.
  • Website is being a pain in the ass to get to work, fuck GoDaddy.
  • On a off-topic note, just upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, looks great… however none of the Windows menus come up (Start Menu, Calendar Menu, Search Menu).
  • Kay bye.


  • Author changed format of the Status where Power, Ability, Endurance and Magic Power is placed so I’ll update the chapters with that format next week.


Status Update

Sorry for the lack of updates guys (and girls). So here’s a summary of what’s been happening with me:

  • I started playing around with Javascript for a bit, and made this sometime early last week for a few days.
  • Started playing Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort and started reading Deja Vu Ascendancy
  • Then I thought my exams were starting this week (they weren’t) so I started doing a bit of studying.
  • I checked on Saturday and found out my exams weren’t this week, so I started doing my assignment which was just barely finished on the due date being this Monday.

Now what’ll be happening for me is:

  • I have a presentation on the 6th, an assignment due on the 8th, exams on the 11th, 13th and 19th.
  • Presentation is mostly done so not much work needed on it for now, assignment I’ll need to spend a bit of time on.
  • As for exams, I’ll need to study for the ones on the 13th and 19th, but the one on the 11th is fairly easy.
  • After the 19th, it’ll be pretty much full on translation time without any stress of work.


  • A bunch of Jikuu Mahou chapters will probably be coming out sometime the end of this week. (Jei from Ultimate Arcane will be helping us)
  • I’ll be trying to get around 3 chapters of MCM done by the 12th.
  • UchiNara and other teasers will have to wait until after my exams are done.

I’ll also be working on cleaning up the new site after exams are done, and once it looks good, I’ll begin the transition.

On another note, Deja Vu Ascendancy is really good, but damn is it long >_< takes me like 20-30 minutes to read a single chapter. I’m currently up to chapter 126 meaning I’ve spent like 50 hours reading it over a week. I’m really excited to read the later chapters cause damn do those chapter titles make it sound interesting.

Giveaway Results

Here are the results of the Giveaway (will be using Gleam names):

Position Name Prize Received
 1  Fan Tong  Spriter Pro (1st choice)
 2  alvaro fuentes  No reply received. 20 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 3  Rudeus Greyrat  Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1 & 2 (1st choice)
 4  Andrew Nykaza  Game Guru + Packs (1st choice)
 5  rter eruyiteyrui  Unable to contact and no claims of being this person made.
 6  Ghyllebert Meyhdi  No reply received. 16 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 7  vincent winata setiawan  Cosplay Fetish Academy (1st choice)
 8  Royce Mok  99 Spirits: Special Edition (2nd choice)
 9  Anthony Chou  No reply received. 16 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 10  Faruq Elfahmi  Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure (2nd choice)
 11  Jasss22  Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime (1st choice)
 12  Ronie Xie  My Girlfriend is the President (2nd choice)
 13  Rudeus Greyrat  Vanguard Princess + Packs (2nd choice)
 14  Mantas Lenksas  War of the Human Tanks (2nd choice)
 15  Mark Loeffke  My Girlfriend is the President (2nd choice)
 16  Mantas Lenksas  Whisper of a Rose (3rd choice)
 17  Sirius Sol  Last Word (2nd choice)
 18  Anthony Wong  Guns of Icarus Online (2nd choice)
 19  Kayley Freshman-Caffrey  Stencyl (2nd choice)
 20  Erikl Ljungmark  App Game Kit 2 (2nd choice)
 21  Ross Albin  Game Character Hub (5th Choice)
 22  Michael Duong  Choice of extra entries. 9 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 23  France Carbajal  No reply received. 9 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 24  Jonathan Rodrigues  No reply received. 9 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 25  Felipe Paschoal de Paula  No reply received. 9 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 26  als  Unable to contact and no claims of being this person made.
 27  Henry  Vanguard Princess + Packs (2nd choice)
 28  William Wilson  The Sagara Family (1st choice)
 29  Matthew Goessi  Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION (5th choice)
 30  Abu Bakari  No reply received. 9 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 31  muhamad shahrizat omar shah  No reply received. 9 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 32  Enrique Busso  Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO v3.0 + Other DLC (3rd choice)
 33  Arrakes  No reply received. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 34  Mohammad Fawwaz  Choices taken. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 35  Mika Värjymaa  Moero Downhill Night (2nd choice)
 36  Shorty Vestri  Moero Downhill Night (1st choice)
 37  zaxthealien  No reply received. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 38  Adolfo ramos  School Days HQ (3rd choice)
 39  Robert Martinez  No reply received. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 40  Kyle Macmillan  AR-K (Did not provide numbered list)
 41  Snowdrop Dreamer  planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ (1st choice)
 42  Trương Nam  Aveyond: Lord of Twilight (2nd choice)
 43  Johnnatan Senjaya  The Sacred Tears TRUE (3rd choice)
 44  Charlie Tran  No reply received. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 45  Ben Gelik  NEO AQUARIUM – The King of Crustaceans (5th choice)
 46  Albert Lee  No reply received. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 47  bee ng  Choices taken. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 48  Kheang Bunchheang  No reply received. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 49  Esther Choe  Yo-Jin-Bo ~ The Bodyguards (14th choice)
 50  Ian OMalley-McReynolds  Choices taken. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 51  Pudjiono Jaya Saputra  Choices taken. 4 extra entries for future giveaways sent.
 52  Tian Tan  Sword of Asumi – Deluxe Edition (5th choice)
 53  Max Ferstl  Riddled Corpses (2nd choice)

Left Over Prizes:

  • Bionic Heart 2
  • Diadra Empty
  • Discouraged Workers
  • Don’Yoku
  • East Tower – Akio
  • East Tower – Takashi
  • fault milestone one (EH? NO ONE PICKED THIS? REALLY?)
  • Fearless Fantasy
  • Full Bore
  • Goats On A Bridge
  • Labyrinthe Dreams
  • Nandeyanen!? – The 1st Sûtra
  • PlayCanvas + TANX
  • Quantum Conscience
  • Remnants of Isolation
  • Shan Gui
  • Sprite Lamp
  • Super Galaxy Squadron
  • Supercharged Robot VULKAISER
  • Tokyo Hosto
  • Yo-Jin-Bo ~ The Bodyguards

I’ll be doing another Giveaway with these leftover prizes + a few Steam Game Keys that Andrew Nykaza (4th place) has kindly provided in around a month or so. After that, there will be a giveaway for the Steam version of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1 & 2 with all DLCs as this seems to have been the most popular prize there is. I spoil you guys too much 😛

All Giveaway related pages are now deleted for less pages for me to manage.

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Chapter 12-13


  • Here’s your Jikuu Mahou
  • Was gonna do the MCM Chapters this Weekend but Blade & Soul Alpha Test took up that time >_<


  • Loosened up with literal translation a little like I did with MCM in regards to referring to another person. e.g. “This is like Elena’s bed” -> “This is like your bed” when talking directly to her.


Working on New Site

So I’ve bought web hosting for 2 years for just under $200 and got the domain of NatsuWorks.com that comes along for free. Spent the entire day working on setting up a WordPress site and a phpBB Forum… and oh boy has it been a huge frustration…

Hurray, there’s a theme switcher! Can move it to the sidebar if people want.

Had to delete WordPress and reinstall it 5 times before I got it working with all the plugins and themes. It’s damn frustrating when I’m installing plugins that take like 5 minutes each to install (got like 12) and then all of a sudden boom, site stops working, giving me a 500 error no matter where I go. So overall it took me 5 hours before I actually got it working and finished the basic settings.

Why did this have to happen!!! ;-;

Then phpBB, spent the past 4 hours on it and ran into my first error. Takes another 3 minutes each to install the styles and extensions and another 1 minutes each to upload via FTP. Site still works fine, but now the error pops up everywhere and that’s of course a no go. So now I’m trying to reinstall the extensions which caused this problem and so taking 1.5 hours to do it, and after doing so, the errors are still there and now I’m in the process of reinstalling the forum. Utterly huge frustration…

Well that’s my frustration venting done.

(For the Donation Share, from the looks of the poll, I’ll probably do 25/75 or 30/70 [Giveaway/Me].)

Will also be pushing back the day before I start working on Uchinara again (18th) because I didn’t think it would be so damn hard to just do the basic installations.

Poll for New Site and Donations

In need of more unified opinions, so more polls! (Feel free to give your own responses [using the Others option] as this is not majority rules and will just be used for consideration)

What I’m asking is the name for the new site and the domain to be used for it as this site will also hold my own stuff, so I don’t want to consider to continue calling it Natsu TL. There’s still around a month or two before the new site is publicly available. Will be going with NatsuWorks and NatusWorks.com

What I also need to ask is about what donation share to do. Will probably do 25/75 or 30/70. For more information on what this donation stuff is about if you don’t about it yet, go to the bottom section of this post.

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Chapter 11


  • Probably gonna do a schedule of 1 chapter on Wednesday and 1 chapter on Sunday (releasing at 6PM AEST) for Jikuu Mahou. Not set yet, but probably.
  • Currently translating something new which I’ll refer to as NobumoutoOreWaifu (Project Ichihime on Sidebar) and damn is finding the right way to translate it hard! Spent 3 hours and I’m only 16% through it.
  • Let’s just say Project Ichihime and Yuri have ‘those’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) kind of scenes in them.


  • None


Joker Script

Well I was learning Joker Script and thought that since I’m reading the tutorial and documentation, I might as well translate it too.

Joker Script is Unity-made Novel Game Production Kit that’s compatible with KAG3/KiriKiri and TyranoScript and can also use Live2D and MMD files among other things. Put simply, a Visual Novel Kit for Unity with a lot of features.

Currently translated 3 tutorial pages already.

Magi Craft Meister Volume 3 Chapter 4-6


  • The rest of the awaited chapters!
  • 1 Jikuu Mahou Chapter will be out sometime Wednesday.
  • There should be 2 more MCM Chapters done this week.
  • Will be doing a poll on new site (name and domain) soon.


  • Forgot to mention in the previous post that familial terms will be left as is now. That means Father and Mother will now be left as Otou-sama and Okaa-sama respectively.