2. Status

 First of all, in order to figure out a way to protect myself, I used 【Appraisal】 on myself.

│Name: Maruyama Seiji
│Occupation: SE
│Condition: (Temporary Language Acquisition)

│Level: 1
│HP: 90
│MP: 2120

│Power: 9
│Ability: 60
│Endurance: 9
│Magic Power: 212

│【Space-Time Magic】
│ (Level: MAX, Rarity: ★★★★★)
│ • Quick
│ • Slow
│ • Barrier
│ • Future Prediction
│ • Inventory
│ • Teleportation

│【Information Magic】
│ (Level: MAX, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ • Vigilance
│ • Map
│ • Appraisal
│ • Concealment
│ • Tracking
│ • Language Acquisition
│ • Skill Master Increase

 MP, Ability and Magic Power are abnormally high. Could it have increased thanks to the level 5 【Space-Time Magic】 and 【Information Magic】?
 Could the (Temporary Language Acquisition) Condition be the effect of the 【Magic Stone】? So that’s why I was able to suddenly understand what they were saying.
 I was able to acquire level 5 【Space-Time Magic】 and 【Information Magic】, however it seems like level 5 is the maximum level.
 The details of the magic were displayed when I thought about wanting to know about the details of Space-Time Magic.

┌─<Space-Time Magic>──
│【Quick】(Rarity: ★)
│ • Speed up your own or a target’s time

│【Slow】(Rarity: ★)
│ • Slow down a target’s time

│【Barrier】(Rarity: ★★)
│ • Can spread out a barrier to intercept
│  physical attacks, magic attacks, light, sound and such
│ • Can freely choose what to intercept
│  ※ In the case of acquiring 【Attribute Magic】,
│   can also spread a barrier to defend against that attribute

│【Future Prediction】(Rarity: ★★★)
│ • Can predict from a few seconds to a few days into the future
│  ※ MP consumption is greater with a further prediction time
│   Details are vague

│【Inventory】(Rarity: ★★★★)
│ • Can freely deposit and withdraw items
│ • Living creatures cannot be stored,
│  however microorganisms can be stored
│ • Time of the items stored inside is separately stopped
│  Can also advance or reverse it

│【Teleportation】(Rarity: ★★★★★)
│ • Places that were previously visited and seen
│  can be teleported to
│  ※ Places seen from the use of 【Tracking】 from 【Information Magic】
│   can also be transferred to
│  ※ Transfer to another world
│   can only be done once a day

 The thing that caught my eye the most was the last line.
 About the 『Transfer to another world~』…
 If I use 【Teleportation】 to go to another world, if this is another world, for another world seen from another world’s view, does that basically mean I can return to Japan?
 Next I tried checking the 【Information Magic】.

┌─<Information Magic>──
│【Vigilance】(Rarity: ★)
│ • Always activated, when danger approaches,
│  you can sense it
│  ※ If there is 【Future Prediction】 from 【Space Time Magic】
│   then you can sense it in advance
│  ※ If the level of 【Wind Magic】 is high,
│   the precision of the sense of smell increases
│  ※ If the level of 【Earth Magic】 is high,
│   the precision of sensing footsteps increases
│  ※ If the level of 【Water Magic】 is high,
│   the sensing of water is possible

│【Map】(Rarity: ★★)
│ • Can check the map of the area and your current location
│ • Information sensed by 【Vigilance】 and 【Tracking】
│  is displayed on the map
│ • Can toggle the map of the surface and the map of the inside of buildings
│ • Information confirmed by yourself
│  is automatically filled in on the map

│【Appraisal】(Rarity: ★★★)
│ • Information on, yourself, items, and living creatures
│  can be read
│ • If level of 【Information Magic】 increases
│  information obtained also increases

│【Concealment】(Rarity: ★★★)
│ • If the 【Information Magic】 level of an opponent is low
│  it is hard to notice with 【Vigilance】
│ • If the 【Information Magic】 level of an opponent is low
│  it is possible to disguise the results of 【Appraisal】

│【Tracking】(Rarity: ★★★★)
│ • Item, living creatures and such can be tracked with a beacon
│  can check location by attaching it
│  can check video and audio of surroundings
│ • Video and audio is recorded and can be played back later

│【Language Acquisition】(Rarity: ★★★★★)
│ • Can learn a language by consuming MP
│ • Depending on the amount of MP consumed
│  the amount learnt varies

│【Skill Mastery Increase】(Rarity: ★★★★★)
│ • Can quickly remember new skills
│ • Skill level can quickly increase

 At least I understand the magic of 【Wind Magic】【Earth Magic】【Water Magic】 exist. Are these magic 【Attribute Magic】 perhaps?
 I tried checking with 【Map】, however a it only displayed the inside of this room.

 It seems the appraisal results can be disguised with 【Concealment】 so I decided to disguise it.

│Name: Seiji
│Occupation: Merchant

│Level: 1
│HP: 90
│MP: 100

│Power: 9
│Ability: 11
│Endurance: 8
│Magic Power: 10

│【Information Magic】(Level: 1)
│ • Vigilance

 This seems just about alright.
 The magician person had already used 【Appraisal】, however it would be better to disguise it to avoid anymore information being stolen.

 I don’t really need 【Language Acquisition】 immediately since I already have the magic stone I received at the start.

 For now I also tried appraising the 【Magic Stone】.

│【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】
│If you have this
│you will be able to converse in the language of the place
│Rarity: ★★★

 It seems like a really useful item. I’ll gratefully accept it.

 For now, since I don’t know what to do, I secretly put up a 【Barrier】 to defend against physical and magic attack.


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  1. Not a bad start..but considering the summary I was expecting him to kidnap the princess in first glance.. I was also expecting this to be a comedy and not action


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