Umaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru niha

Heroes and Saints, Demon Lords and Demon Beasts, Skills and Magic exist in the great fantasy world, 【Grandchild of the Flaming Spear Hero】 , 【Son of the Lightning Spear】, 【Son of the Saint】 【Heir of the Duke’s House】, 【Childhood Friend of the Crown Prince】, 【Fiancee of the Third Princess】 are the exaggerated titles held by the protagonist, Doyle Von Agnis (15 years old). He held high level specs that corresponded with these titles. And so, as a result of the protagonist being raised by doting parents, he went onto the path of a bad person, a foolish son of an arisocrat.
As a result of having nightmares due to a week long fever, the protagonist in that happy position remembered his clever calculating memories.
And so, he decided.
To regain the titles that he had lost, for the people who loved that (foolish son), he would walk the path of a respectable person.

Chapter List

First 6 chapters don’t have titles. Very few chapters have titles.

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