0. Prologue

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 I am Maruyama Seiji, 30 years old, occupation is SE.
 Day after day I’m pressed for time and various information, repeatedly doing overtime, I don’t even have time to get a girlfriend.

『You can become a magician if you’re still a virgin at the age of 30』

 That legend crossed my mind.
 『Preferably, it would be great if there was magic to quickly finish my work when I become a magician』, being slowed down by such trivial thoughts I finally got the system working with the bug fixes yesterday. I finished up the rest of my work since I would be collecting my saved up paid vacation today.

 When I drank coffee while I lost my focus…
 My vision grew white and I was enveloped in a pure white light.

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11 thoughts on “0. Prologue

  1. Yeah I wonder if I will become a magician… The only time I have to meet a woman is the time I go to work and then go home. After 10 to 12 hours of work I just want to go home and sleep.
    shit, my life is miserable…


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