First Name Michael
Gender Male
Sexuality Heteroflexible
Born Australia
Age 17
Occupation 1st Year Network & Software Engineering Student
Hobbies Games, Manga, and Web, Light, and Visual Novels.
Waifu Kotone Noda (“If you can’t love them all, you don’t deserve them all” – Me [in regards to multiple waifu])
Goddess Rory Mercury (she can kill me if she wants [if only sigh])
Translation I use Translation Aggregator (95% JParser though), Japanese dictionaries and my own understanding of the Japanese and English language which will improve along with my translations.

Natsu TL

Natsu TL is my (Natsulus) own personal website where I host my translations as well as my other projects such as my own attempt at writings novels or visual novels, or maybe perhaps a program or game. I am currently working on writing up my own website so I have full access to customising the site and not just a WordPress.com site.