Working on New Site

So I’ve bought web hosting for 2 years for just under $200 and got the domain of that comes along for free. Spent the entire day working on setting up a WordPress site and a phpBB Forum… and oh boy has it been a huge frustration…

Hurray, there’s a theme switcher! Can move it to the sidebar if people want.

Had to delete WordPress and reinstall it 5 times before I got it working with all the plugins and themes. It’s damn frustrating when I’m installing plugins that take like 5 minutes each to install (got like 12) and then all of a sudden boom, site stops working, giving me a 500 error no matter where I go. So overall it took me 5 hours before I actually got it working and finished the basic settings.

Why did this have to happen!!! ;-;

Then phpBB, spent the past 4 hours on it and ran into my first error. Takes another 3 minutes each to install the styles and extensions and another 1 minutes each to upload via FTP. Site still works fine, but now the error pops up everywhere and that’s of course a no go. So now I’m trying to reinstall the extensions which caused this problem and so taking 1.5 hours to do it, and after doing so, the errors are still there and now I’m in the process of reinstalling the forum. Utterly huge frustration…

Well that’s my frustration venting done.

(For the Donation Share, from the looks of the poll, I’ll probably do 25/75 or 30/70 [Giveaway/Me].)

Will also be pushing back the day before I start working on Uchinara again (18th) because I didn’t think it would be so damn hard to just do the basic installations.


8 thoughts on “Working on New Site

  1. I may have a few hints/tips on this.
    First check with your host on the following.
    What platform is your website hosted on, Windows or Linux based? — assuming windows however some packages have config for both windows & linux available in them.
    If Windows, what folder is your site jailed to and what additional resources do you have access to? — IE the open_basedir error you’re seeing — also note the // in your G: path.
    Another thing is in that configuration file you may need the slash to be reversed since on the Windows filesystem it’d be G:\PleskVHosts\\;C:\windows\temp\
    ^Semi assumptions as I normally do website setup & config on linux/bsd based servers.
    If Linux, it’ll have to be modified to be /tmp or wherever the temp partition is located that you have access to.

    Since it’s plesk have you tried logging into the web administration portal to see if there is an up to date install package for phpbb? — This will get you started, however I wouldn’t suggest it as it’s not the fastest one on the block to get security updates to the install.


    • It’s a Windows Plan with GoDaddy (going with Windows cause I’ll be testing out and learning ASP.NET soon).
      I’ve been installing WordPress and phpBB with Plesk as Applications.
      Just reinstalled phpBB and it’s still there so I think it may be a problem of having accessed it via FTP as I’ve touched nothing else besides the forum before the error.


      • Hmm a few more things to check, when you uninstall phpBB prior to re-installing it, does it remove the folder & database? If not this could be the cause of the lingering issues post re-install.

        On the FTP access you’ll want to be careful just in case it modifies file permissions — this is mostly a headache on the Linux side of things but may be a point you’ll want to check on your windows box.

        Have you accessed the windows server via remote desktop to alter the files directly at any point? — Don’t use Wordpad/MS Word to alter files as it inserts additional characters. Do all file editing with either Notepad++ or Komodoedit 🙂 since these 2 don’t insert additional junk into the files & gives you syntax highlighting.


        • Yeah, realised a lingering might have still been there after I commented and it turns out that was the cause of the lingering issue. I’ve only been accessing the file via Plesk and FTP.
          Gotta restart on installing my styles and extensions, not sure if it was an extension that caused the error or not though cause it occured while I was enabling extensions :/


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