Poll for New Site and Donations

In need of more unified opinions, so more polls! (Feel free to give your own responses [using the Others option] as this is not majority rules and will just be used for consideration)

What I’m asking is the name for the new site and the domain to be used for it as this site will also hold my own stuff, so I don’t want to consider to continue calling it Natsu TL. There’s still around a month or two before the new site is publicly available. Will be going with NatsuWorks and NatusWorks.com

What I also need to ask is about what donation share to do. Will probably do 25/75 or 30/70. For more information on what this donation stuff is about if you don’t about it yet, go to the bottom section of this post.


2 thoughts on “Poll for New Site and Donations

  1. I’d honestly consider just accepting all the donation money and doing a giveaway whenever you feel like it :p. Anyway, gib sponsored chapters! I always like an excuse to have more chapters while supporting the translator 🙂


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