Magi Craft Meister Volume 3 Chapter 1-2 & Update


  • Big changes, big-ish post!
  • Hello there readers! So as you may or may not know, two people have asked to join and help me translate MCM. These two are MTLers but I’ll be TLCing what they do and try to help them improve on their translations. Please welcome Falinmer and SilentNumber!
  • From what we’ve discussed, we’re looking to release 2 chapters a week so you’ll be seeing more MCM.
  • So for the past week I’ve been setting up an environment so that the group could work together well. With that, I also began thinking about starting to implement the changes people have suggested and my own changes. Although these changes aren’t done yet, they should be by next Monday.
  • Regarding MCM I’ve made a Glossary, note however that this is a Translator Glossary and doesn’t have anything detailed.
  • So as I’ve said, there are now two new translators (MTL). I’ll probably be just TLCing more Magi Craft Meister and focus on something else instead.
  • Anyways as usual, JoeGlens has edited these chapters.
  • Check the Changelog for more clear details. Although they’ve yet to be implemented, they will be by next Monday as I’ve said.
  • Edit: Forgot to say I’m addicted to Guild Wars 2 right now, so let’s hope that addiction dies down :3


  • Magi Craft Meister
    • A lot of terms have been updated/changed. These terms can be seen in the Glossary.
    • Text translated with Furigana will no longer be enclosed in 《》
    • All familial relations will be translated except for Onii and Onee because differentiating familial relations with honorifics is a pain.
  • Web Novels
    • Adding a “Previous Chapter | Main | Next Chapter” to the top and bottom of each chapter.
    • Removing Footnotes from chapters and replaced with cute little hover over flag. e.g.
      I avoid putting notes mid chapter and footnotes don’t work well with new Prev Next thing which is why.
    • Full Text pages will be removed.
    • Light Novel Illustrations will be removed. Will likely put a link to the LN illustrations on the main page.
    • PDF and ePUB will be updated with the changes.
    • Main Pages will be updated with whose working on it, Translators, Translation Checker, Editor, etc.
  • Light Novels
    • Chapters will all be put on a single Volume page instead of multiple chapter pages.
    • Footnotes (end of Chapter) to be replaced with Endnotes (end of Volume).
    • Main Pages will be updated with whose working on it, Translators, Translation Checker, Editor, etc.
  • Donations
    • Opening around 3-4 months.
    • All funds to be used on Website (Server, Domain, etc) and Projects (LNs, my own VN project, etc).
    • Will in no way whatsoever affect chapter release except perhaps motivation.
  • Natsu TL
    • Falinmer has joined as an MTLer to work on MCM.
    • SilentNumber has joined as an MTLer to work on MCM.
    • I’ll likely just work as a TLC for MCM and may translate 1 or 2 chapters every month or so. Will probably focus on something else instead, like UchiNara.



17 thoughts on “Magi Craft Meister Volume 3 Chapter 1-2 & Update

  1. No, why removing illustration!? I started reading again and it was weird to me where illustration went, so here is the reason. I like illustration because is easy to image character and scenery and it would be annoying looking at main page for illustration, or checking them before reading (they can be a spoilers!!!).


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