Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 18-19


  • Finally! I’ve been lazy and unmotivated for the past while but I recently got my motivation back so more will be coming soon.
  • I’m working on making a website using ASP.NET right now. It will have both light and dark themes for reading as people have their preferences and usually it’s one of those two. It probably won’t be for a long time though. I’ll be designing it in PS first before coding it.
  • Volume 2 of MCM will be done soon (3 more chapters) so I’ll begin working on 5 chapter teasers for the novels on the Suggestion List after that.
  • I’ll be doing a Giveaway soon. I’m still working on the details on how I should handle it though (feel free to suggest an idea). Here’s the list of what will be available: A LOT
  • Was able to escape Clicker Heroes… but got caught by Clickpocalypse 2


  • None



12 thoughts on “Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 18-19

  1. Umm, I cant find chapter 17 so did u miss it or u havent put link in chapter list or is it just my phone somehow deleting the link?


  2. Though you have every right to decide on picking new projects, hope it does not affect Uchinara since I really like it…

    Thanks anyway. Thought you’re dead


    • Oh Torn. I played that for a year but quit because all I did was just login, go to gym, increase stats and done. Doing education when I could and using job points when I could.


  3. Glad to hear that volume 2 will be done soon. As I like to wait for the whole volume to reach completion before reading, this means I can get back to reading Magicraft Meister again soon. 😀


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