Chapter 18 – Clouding

 Beana was now in Earl Kuzuma’s trembling carriage. Seeing Beana who seemed bored, the Earl called out to her.
「Beana-dono, to be honest, today I went to meet you」
「To meet me?」
「Right. I always hear about a stall where a 《Magic Craftsman》sells interesting magic tools」
「Um… are you talking about the lighter?」
 The Earl nodded,
「Yes. And when I went to visit thy house, the assistant called Jin welcomed me instead」
「Jin did? I see」
「Look, I was allowed to buy this」
 Saying that, the Earl pointed at the refrigerator on the corner seat.
「Ah, the refrigerator」
 The Earl nodded,
「He talked a little about that, you wanted to make something useful for everyone, I heard that’s your motto」
「Eh? Ah, yes, that’s right」
「Honestly, I wanted to have you as an exclusive 《Magic Craftsman》 for my mansion, but when I heard that I changed my mind」
「I don’t want this matter to be spread about」
 The Earl established the former,
「About half year ago, golems and magic beasts came from the direction of Seruroa Kingdom」
 Seruroa Kingdom is a country bordering the north of Egeria Kingdom where Blue Land is. Blue Land is relatively south of the Egeria Kingdom. Therefore the information the Earl spoke of did not come through official means.
「Of course many people would think something is happening. So the nobles have started to eagerly gather excellent 《Magic Craftsmen》 to take advantage of it to strengthen their power」
「Well, with that power, I believe it’s fine if used correctly, but how should I say it, most of the nobles have obviously used it for their own house」
 Beana had no idea what to say back and just silently listened.
「Compared to them, Beana-dono has a proper idea. The commoners who pay the taxes, you could say that they support the country. Thou who attempts to make magic tools for those commoners is admirable」
「T-Thank you」
 Being praised by the Earl who is a noble, Beana finally spoke that much.
「Now then. We should be at the castle gates soon」
 The carriage left after going through the procedure in reverse when it first came.
 In front of Beana’s house, Jin was waiting there.
「Hou, seems like he’s been worried waiting a long time for thee」
「Welcome home, Beana」
「I-I’m home」
 Beana slightly blushed while getting off the carriage. Reiko had actually sensed the carriage so he only came out a while ago, however Beana didn’t know that nor did Jin say it.
 The Earl opened the window,
「Jin-dono, I have fulfilled thy request」
 Saying that, the carriage turned around and once again headed back to the inner city.
 Jin and Beana went inside the house and both explained to each other what had happened. When Beana said she had sold the popcorn production device, Beana bowed apologetically.
「It already happened but, I’m sorry. That was yours but I sold it without your permission. To tell the truth, I didn’t want the 10 gold coins…」
 Hearing that, Jin laughed,
「Haha, it’s fine already. You honestly told me. Also, since it was a noble’s request, it was practically an order」
「Since you said that, I feel much better now. I’m really sorry about it. Also, here」
 Beana held out the 10 gold coins to Jin.
「Yeah, thanks」
 Jin accepted it. If he didn’t, Beana wouldn’t be able to get rid of her guilt.
 Jin also held out the money he got from selling the refrigerator to Beana. Beana gave half, 5 gold coins to Jin. Jin also accepted it.
 They then talked about what happened after, about Beana being assaulted by Earl Guarana and being forced to stay the night. She was saved thanks to Earl Kuzuma.
「I… see. I really owe Earl Kuzuma」
 When Jin said that, Beana also,
「Yeah. He’s a good person」
 Saying that, she slightly blushed. Seeing that, Jin though “oh my” but didn’t let it slip his mouth,
「Well then, since you’re back now, it’s about time for me to go home」
「Eh? It’s already so late. You should stay」
「No, I’ll have to refuse. Good night」
 Saying that, Jin left the room before Beana could stop him.
「What’s with him, jeez…」
 Beana pouted while she went to see how her siblings were. They seemed to be sleeping well so she slipped into her own bed.

 On the other side, Jin.
「What do you think?」
 Returning to Hourai Island, Jin consulted Reiko.
「What the Earl had said about Seruroa Kingdom you mean? There’s the possibility it might be some kind of magic experiment」
「Magic experiment?」
「Yes. The golem Father met, and the golem that attacked that country. Also the 《Hekatonkheires》 I met, as well as what the Earl said. It sounds like the work of a human」
 Jin folded his arms and pondered,
「Father, will you stop going to Blue Land soon?」
「Beana is already independent, the purchase of the grains we can obtain there has also been settled. I think it’ll be good to go see another place」
 Certainly, what Beana asked for could be considered done. The refrigerator too, if the Earl talks about it , the nobles will probably buy it. In that case, the debt would definitely soon be paid back. The illness of the siblings too, they’ve practically gotten better from the fruits he left behind.
「We can’t always be going back and forth, what you said is certainly true. Then after this, we’ll go another 2 or 3 times then tell Beana about it」

 The next day, Jin thought to tell Beana about this matter indirectly and headed to Beana’s house. Reiko planned to join after she gave instructions to the Golem Maids on Hourai Island.
 And in front of the house, a single carriage stopped.
「This is…」
 Looking closely, it was the crest he saw just yesterday. It was Earl Kuzuma’s.
 He tried knocking on the door of Beana’s house once,
 Beana came out with great vigour.
「Thank goodness! You see, the Earl came to see you, he came with various requests, and so,」
 Jin placed his hands on Beana’s shoulder,
「I get it so calm down a little」
 Saying that Beana slightly blushed,
「R-Right, sorry」
 Saying that she invited Jin inside the house.
「Oh, Jin-dono」
 Earl Kuzuma was sitting there.
「I decided to come immediately. That thing called refrigerator is really useful! The cooled fruit that I ate for breakfast was more delicious than usual」
「I’m glad you enjoyed it」
「Now, thou should sit too. There are various things I want you to hear」
「Well then, please excuse me」
 Beana also sat down, the Earl began to speak.
「First of all, about that refrigerator, I want you to make one twice the size of it. For the cost, I can hand over an advance payment」
「T-Thank you」
 A large income can be expected by selling the refrigerator. It’s the best thing Beana could ask for.
「After that, what I was just shown before, for now I’d like for you to make 10 of the 『Water Warmers』」
「10 of them is it?」
 It was a generous talk, Jin was also drawn in, he was thinking how they could prepare the amount.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 18 – Clouding

  1. At this point you have to wonder why does Jin even care to do these sort of business anymore. He doesn’t need the money, and doing mindless manual labor, putting something together for several times, is not the creative work you’d assume Jin would be interested in. Jin becomes more and more like an unlikely god-sent fairy for the poor and the needy.


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