New Theme

Decided to change the theme as the previous one I felt was a little harsh on the eyes when reading. With the new theme, the letters and words are more wider and spread out so it should be easier on eyes for reading now.

MCM has a bit of technical machinery and crafting terms so please bare with me if I use the words wrong. That and the more obvious problems should be fixed in v1. I’ll also add ED Notes in the v1 for the people who don’t know what the terms are.

Besides that I’ve completed the v0 of Volume 1 Chapter 2 and have Chapter 3 half done. Chapter 3 should be done soon, and maybe Chapter 4 as well. Although I won’t be able to translate for half of the 3rd and the entirety of the 4th and possibly the 5th as I’ll be returning home from my family vacation, flying from Vietnam to Australia.

I recently checked the MCM Syosetu page and realised the author is doing one chapter a day and I wish to catch up to that so right now my goal is to be able to figure out how to do 2-3 chapters a day while still having time for other things and my upcoming uni life.


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