So as the title says, I’ll be unavailable and unable to work on MCM until the soonest being the 16th, the latest would be the 21st. Just came back from my vacation trip so there’s a lot of documents and claims to send to the government and also getting the things I need for Uni . Also I’ve put aside 2 hours a day to focus on studying Japanese which will help improve the translations as I’ve only been doing an hour once a week or two which isn’t really enough to actually learn properly.

I’d just like to note that the v0 translations are pretty much literally translated and have nearly the same sentence structure as the original cause it simpler to just do it like that. The v1 will be slightly reworded so it’s more localised and not so restricted to the original sentence structure, which should result in it flowing better. The v2 is just a fix for the grammar and spelling mistakes and the Final Ver is a final check before leaving it be.


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