Just Some Post n Stuff

Welp v0 of Volume 1 Chapter 1 is done. Took me 4 and a half hours to do. I was supposed to do it 4-5 days ago but I ended up not doing it because of 25% League of Legends, 30% reading novels, 30% catching up on anime and 15% due to going to 2 dinner parties with cousins and 1 birthday party of some kid of a cousin’s friend. Well anyway I’m not making any excuses as I have said that the schedule is only a plan and I do this when I feel like it. And so now that about 70% of my time is back I can start doing what I actually plan.

It also seems like a number of people are starting to find this site, however I do not plan on publicly advertising this site until I complete the v1 of Volume 1 as I still find my translations lacking. This should take about 3 weeks. Also thanks to the people who made comments and those who’ve read MCM (Magi Craft Meister) even though some particular parts that I wasn’t able to properly translate were there. Expect the next chapter and maybe even the one after that within 24 hours. I’m heading to sleep now.


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