8. The Princess’ Walk-In Closet

There are only 2 places I can teleport using 【Teleportation】 right now. Since there is a once-a-day limit for transferring to another world, we can’t return to Japan until tomorrow. The only places we could teleport to in this world are the 『Audience Hall』 and 『Princess Elena’s Room』. Given that I kidnapped the princess, the 『Audience Hall』 is out of the question, therefore I decided to move to 『Princess Elena’s Room』.

「Huh? This is my room.」
「Since I’m kidnapping you, I think you should change into better clothing」

「This magic is amazing, I’ve never heard of magic like this before. Ah, right, I need to change. Please wait a moment.」
「Your clothes stands out right now so I hope you have some plain looking clothes.」
「Yes, I understand.」

 While Princess Elena was preparing, I started erecting barriers for the room. For now, I’ve raised a 【Physical Barrier】to prevent anyone coming in and a 【Sound Barrier】 to make sure no one outside can hear us.

 When I finished erecting the barriers and turned around—


 Princess Elena was in the middle of changing.


 I suppressed my desire to keep my eyes on the princess and turned away.

「I-It’s fine, could you please wait for a little longer?」

 Behind me, I can hear the seductive sound of her changing. 『Turn around』, the devil inside whispered in my mind, but I held my ground and stayed still.

「I apologise for the wait, I’m done. You can turn around now.」
「Oh, so you’ve finished.」

 Princess Elena’s clothes don’t look too princess-y anymore, this should be okay.

「Do you have any other clothes besides this one you can change into?」
「This is the most inconspicuous clothes I have.」
「Okay, we’ll take all your clothes for now.」
「Ehh? Everything? That’s impossible, there’s no way it could fit in my bag.」
「Well, just leave it to me.」

 Guided by the princess, I stepped into her walk-in closet and was amazed by the ridiculous amount of clothes she had.

「What an amazing amount.」

 Princess Elena cast me an apologetic gaze. I rapidly tossed all her clothes into my Inventory.

「M-my clothes are all quickly disappearing. Is this magic?」
「Yep. Don’t worry since I can retrieve anything I want afterwards.」
「T-that’s amazing!」

 Princess Elena’s voice of admiration became strangely excited. I finally finished putting away all the clothes into my Inventory.

「Amazing, you really took everything!」
「Do you have anything else you want to bring?」

「Is it okay if I take some books?」

 Going to the bookshelf, she also had a fair amount of books.
 Accustomed to it, I was able to easily put away the books.

 Since it started to get a bit bothersome, I decide to toss everything in the room into my Inventory.

「Phew, did I put away everything in the room?」
「You even put in the bed, this is really amazing!」

 The room had become completely empty.

「Now that we’ve finished here, we have to think about where we can escape to now.」
「I would like to go to Seiji-sama’s residence.」
「Sorry, I can only teleport to other worlds once a day. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to move to my room.」

「So that’s how it is. We’ll have to spend the night at an inn then.」

「Okay, then we’ll need to go to town first.」
「But how do we escape the castle?」

「It’s fine, don’t worry. Is there somewhere I can see the outside from this castle?」
「Yes. This window overlooks the castle town.」

 I gaze outside the window pointed out by Princess Elena,
 There was a large plaza with a fountain in the center that intersected all the main streets of the castle town.

「That plaza should be fine for now. Elena, your hand please.」

 I took Elena’s hand and used 【Teleportation】 to transfer us to the Fountain Plaza.

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  1. Is this series light hearted, like Magi Craft Meister? I don’t want to put too much excitement into him doing all sorts of stuff when he just has a, oh, but that’s of course type of lack of feeling. ;~;


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