7. The Captive Princess

Princess Elena is……
 Imprisoned and crying……

 How the hell did this happen!?

 What the hell happened? There wasn’t anything wrong a while ago, but then I looked away for a little and this happened!
 I put on my denim jacket and jean for a little protection then rushed to the foyer to put on my sneakers. Prepared, I immediately used 【Teleportation】.

「Sob sob……」
「Hello, Princess.」

 Princess Elena curled in the corner of the prison room crying. Hearing my voice, she turned around in disbelief. Her eyes were overflowing with tears that ran down her cheers.

「It’s Seiji, remember?」
「Ah, yes! Seiji-sama! Didn’t you go home?」
「I did go home, but I came back because I felt you were in trouble.」


 Princess Elena suddenly ran up and hugged me.
 I wanted to hug Elena back, but that wouldn’t be a good idea so I held back.

「Elena, how did this happen?」
「It…… O-Otou-sama……」

 Elena tried her best to tell me, however she couldn’t put together her words past her tears.
 I clutched my right hand and held it out in front of Elena. I then opened my palm while retrieving a【Handkerchief】 from Inventory.

『This is the best I can do right now.』 I told myself and give the handkerchief to Elena. By the way, it’s not like I’m trying to do a magic trick here.

「Th-thank you very much.」

 Wiping her tears with my handkerchief, Elena finally calmed down and smiled at me.

「Have you calmed down yet?」
「Yes, thank you Seiji-sama.」

「Then could you tell me what happened?」
「Yes. I went around and asked various people around the castle about the【Demon Lord】 but I was not able to learn anything new. When I gave up and returned to my room, Otou-sama came with many soldiers.」

 So it was the king.

「I told Otou-sama that the matter of the destroyed village might not have been the work of the 【Demon Army】. But then Otou-sama suddenly got angry, telling the soldiers to imprison me.」

「Is that why you are being imprisoned?」

 What a guy! This is supposed to be his daughter!

「Then Otou-sama said, until the war with the 【Demon Army】 is over, I won’t let you leave here.」
「That’s awful」
「I don’t know what I should do anymore.」

「I know, let me kid-nap you!」
「Have Seiji-sama kidnap me?」
「Yep, rescuing the captive princess is the a hero’s duty!」
「But Otou-sama……」
「Don’t worry, don’t worry. Oh, right! I’ll leave behind a crime de-cla-ra-tion saying 『I kidnapped the Princess』.」

 I pull out a notepad and a ball-point pen from my Inventory. As I tried to write the crime declaration, I stopped my hand.

「Now that I think of it, I don’t know the characters of this country.」


 A light bulb lit up above my head again!

 Come to think of it, I have 【Language Acquisition】 from 【Information Magic】. If I remember correctly, it was written in the description that the extent you acquire changes depending on MP consumed. By using a large amount MP, wouldn’t I be able to write, too?
 I immediately tried to use 【Language Acquisition】.

┌─<Language Acquisition>─
│You will acquire 【Delaidos Common Language】
│ Please select an acquisition level

│• Level 1 (MP Cost: 50)
│  You can converse with a few words

│• Level 2 (MP Cost: 100)
│  You can converse enough for an ordinary conversation.

│• Level 3 (MP Cost: 200)
│  You can fluently converse.
│  You can read simple words.

│• Level 4 (MP Cost: 500)
│  You can fluently converse.
│  You can read and write enough for ordinary use.

│• Level 5 (MP Cost: 1000)
│  You can converse with any words.
│  You can read and write any word.

 So it’s a choice between level 4 and 5. Level 5 costs 1000 MP to use. Well, even if my MP decreased a little I would still have 2000 MP left. I guess I’ll go with it.
 I consumed 1000 MP and acquired Level 5 【Delaidos Common Language】.

┃Dear King

┃ I have kidnapped Princess Elena
┃ I cannot guarantee the life of anyone pursuing me
┃ Of course, your life included
┃ Well then, farewell

┃      From Hero

 I write my crime declaration and tape it to the prison wall. Taking Princess Elena’s hand, we escaped the prison using 【Teleportation】.

35 thoughts on “7. The Captive Princess

  1. I don’t know if his mana will regenerate but if it doesn’t then learning how to read and write in their language was such a huge waste. The MC could of got the princess to write it for him. What a waste of power


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