13. Electric Kettle


 Successfully using 【Teleportation】, me and Elena teleported to the entryway of my home, however Elena had crashed her butt against the door.

「I-is this Seiji-sama’s residence?」

 Getting herself accustomed to the sudden change in environment, Elena looked around the entryway with curiosity.

「Yeah, sorry it’s a bit small though.」

 I casually turn on the entryway and hallway lights–

「Wah! The light!」
「Ah, sorry, my bad! This light comes from a thing that’s like a lamp of this world.」

「It is so bright, I am truly astonished. But if you place the lamp so high, wouldn’t it be very difficult when you need to replenish the oil?」
「Even if we don’t replenish the oil, it’s will be all right.」

「Then is it a magic tool?」
「It isn’t magic… but something like that I guess? That aside, this isn’t the best place to have a chat so let’s head in.」
「Ah, of course. Excuse me for entering.」

 Finishing our conversation, I noticed Elena was entering with her shoes still on.

「Wait a moment, can you take off your shoes here?」
「Take off my shoes!?」

 I take off my shoes first and put a pair of slippers in front of Elena.

「Take off your shoes and wear these slippers instead.」
「I see, so I have to change shoes before entering the room」

 Elena took off her shoes, then suddenly looked over to me while fidgeting for some reason.

「What’s wrong?」
「Taking off my shoes in front of other is somewhat… e-embarrassing.」
「S-sorry, it’s strange isn’t it?」
「No, no, it’s understandable that you’re bewildered because of the cultural differences. If you’re embarrassed, then I’ll turn around.」
「I’m very sorry.」

 Behind me, Elena is…

 Even though it’s just taking off her shoes and putting on slippers.
 It’s a somewhat strange feeling…

「I have finished changing.」

 I, while still having that strange feeling, guided Elena into the living room.

「This is the living room. Take a seat on that sofa and wait, I’ll brew some tea.」

 Elena observed the room with a bit of nervousness. Probably because the things in this world are all unusual to her.

 I took out 2 tea cups, put in the tea bags poured in the hot water from the electric kettle, then placed a cup down in front of Elena.

「Would you like some 【Sugar】 and 【Milk】?」
「【Milk】 is the thing we had this morning right? You can put in tea?」
「Huh? You never put 【Milk】 in your tea?」
「Yes, I never did. I have also never heard of 【Sugar】.」
「Eh!? You really don’t know 【Sugar】?」

 I didn’t think that they wouldn’t have 【Sugar】.

「Do you want to try putting it in?」
「Yes, please do!」

 I scooped a spoon of 【Sugar】 and 【Milk】 powder each into Elena’s cup.

「Here, have some.」
「Thank you very much.」

 Elena timidly brought the tea cup to her lips.

「D-delicious! Since it looked so similar to salt, I thought it would be salty. I’m very surprised it’s so sweet!」
「Yeah, I’m glad you like it.」

「Have a taste of these as well, it goes well with tea.」

 I took out and offered some snacks and cookies to Elena.

「Thank you very much. Mm!! Th-these also taste amazing!!」

 We both enjoyed our tea for a while, it was very delicious, and Elena’s tea cup was soon emptied.

「How about another cup of tea?」
「Thank you very much, if I may.」

 I put a new tea bag into Elena’s cup and poured hot water into it. Elena had a look of awe on her face.

「Umm, hot water comes out from there, but how does it do that?」
「Oh, this is an electric kettle. Once you put water in it, it will keep boiling the water automatically.」
「A tool to boil water?」

「Then… I’ll let you see for a bit.」

 I took out a 【Kettle】 from my Inventory, poured water into the kettle in the kitchen, then came back.

「First of all, you open up the lid.」

 I opened the kettle lid to let the hot steam loose. Then I slowly add water into the kettle. When the water level reached the marked line, I closed the lid.

「Now if we wait a while, the water will be boiled.」
「Eh!? That is all? You do not need to light a fire?」
「Yeah, you don’t have to do anything. Well, just wait a bit.」

 Soon, steam started gushing out from the exhaust port of the kettle.

「Amazing, you don’t have to anything..」

 After waiting for a while again, an electric chime rang from the kettle.

「Eeeeeehh!? W-what was that sound just now!?」
「That sound just now lets you know the water has boiled.」
「This is an incredible tool!」

 Elena immediately took interested in many things and started bombarding me with questions.
 After a while of bombarding me with questions, Elena suddenly became quiet. What happened?

「Hm? What is it?」
「Umm, that is… may I borrow your lavatory?」
「Eh, ah, t-the lavatory, right?」

 I had behaved somewhat strangely.

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