14. Water and Paper

 When I led her to the toilet, Elena stiffened.

「What is it?」
「U-uhm, I do not know how to properly use it……」

 No one would believe that I was in the toilet along with a girl teaching her how to use the toilet.
 As I went on with my explanation, Elena suddenly interrupted me.

「E-excuse me……」
「W-what is it?」

「I…… I’m nearly a-at my limit so…」
「Right! S-sorry!」

 I bolted out of the toilet.

「I’ll be on this side, if there is anything you don’t know, yell out okay?」

 Soon afterward, the sound of holy water came from…
 I smacked both my ears to destroy my eardrums. I have to quickly destroy them.

 As I was trying to destroy my eardrums, I suddenly noticed something.
 Come to think of it, I haven’t told her how to use the lock! Then that means…… right now, this door, isn’t locked!?
 IF, in the rare chance that this door opened…… then inside Elena is……
 AH!!!! AAH, I don’t know!! I really don’t know!!

 I banged my head against the wall to erase the memories of my earlier thoughts.

「E-excuse me…」

 I failed to destroy my eardrums and erase my memories. As I tried to regulate my disordered breathing, Elena called out to me from inside.

「W-what is it?」
「I-is there something for me to wipe myself?」
「S-something to wipe?」

 Shoot, I forgot I haven’t explained how to use the toilet paper either!

「To the side, there should be a roll of paper, right?」
「Ah, yes, there is. 」
「Take some of it, and fold it up to use it.」
「T-take this? U-understood.」

 I heard a clacking sound, it seems she was able to figure out how to use it.

「What should I do with the paper after I finished wiping?」
「Just throw it away in the water.」
「Throw it away!? Understood.」

 After a while, I heard the sound of the door opening and Elena came out.

「I apologise for the trouble I have given you.」

 Hmm? Something’s not right. What is this strange feeling stuck in the back of my mind?


 That’s it! I didn’t hear the sound of the water flushing! T-that means… it’s still not flushed!!

「Elena, wait!」
「Y-yes, what is it?」
「There should be a metal lever, right? Go and quickly twist it.」
「Ah, yes, I understand.」


 At last I heard the sound of the toilet flush, that’s a relief.

「Kyaa! T-the water is!」

 Elena was taken back by the water that suddenly flushed away.

「It’s okay,since the water is just flushing everything.」

「Ah, the water is settling.」
「That really surprised me.」

 Having survived today’s greatest pinch, I led Elena to the washroom.

「Wash your hands here.」

 I twisted the faucet and water gushed out, Elena was surprised again.

「Why don’t you try using【Hand Soap】 while we’re at it too?」
「【Hand Soap】?」

 I moved Elena’s hands underneath the pump of the 【Hand Soap】 dispenser and pushed the pump.

「Kyaa! Something white squirted out.」

 Why did you have to say it like that! Oh well.

「If you scrub your hands, it will foaming up and clean your hands.」
「Okay, I will try.」

Scrub Scrub

「This is amazing! It’s foaming!」

 Elena’s eyes were shining like a child in delight.

「Hey, you can’t play forever so rinse it already.」

 After Elena washed away the foam, I handed her a towel.

「Here, wipe your hands.」
「Thank you very much. This cloth is also soft and fluffy」

 Elena who had finished washing, gazed at her own hand absentmindedly.

「My hands are so smooth now. This is amazing!」

 If she’s this happy after washing her hands, I’m a bit worried about the future. As I thought about things like that, I felt a warm and fluffy feeling withing my heart for some reason.