17. Shopping and Sushi


 Elena was hugging me.

「Elena, it’s okay.」
「But, it’s so big and fast, i-it’s really scary…」
「Jeez, Elena-chan! Don’t hug someone like Onii-chan, hug me instead~」

「That’s called a car, it’s something like a carriage.」
「Carriage? B-but there is no horse.」
「It moves with an engine, so horses aren’t needed.」
「Right, so take a good look. There are people riding inside, right?」
「Ah, there really are people riding inside. Kyaa! This one is much bigger this time!」
「That’s a bus. You see the people riding on it don’t you?」
「Y-yes. B-but, it’s really scary.」
「Jeez, Elena-chan! Come and hug me~!」

 I feel somewhat tired.

 At long last, after crossing the street in front of the station, we arrived at the shopping district.

「Wow, there’s so many people. Everyone has the same hair and eye colour as Seiji-sama and Aya-sama. Are they all your relatives!?」
「Most Japanese have black hair and eyes, so it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re relatives.」

 Although Elena is sneaking looks at everyone around her… at the same time she is looking, everyone else is sneaking a look at her as well.
 Though Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes, she can speak Japanese fluently because of the 【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】. It ended up being really conspicuous and attracted a lot of attention from all over.

 As for Elena, whenever she meets the eyes of the people she passes by, she greets them with a smile and a nod.
 As we walked around like that for a while, the sea of people on the street parted before us as if we were Moses. It ended up like a parade celebrating our triumphant return.
 Aya is doing her own thing, acting like she was some sort of celebrity, waving her hands at the people around her happily. The one they’re paying attention to isn’t you, you know!

 We arrived at our first destination, the 100 Yen Shop.

「100 Yen Shop? Not the supermarket?」
「We’ll also go to the supermarket, we’ll be here for just a little bit before that..」

 Elena almost fainted from seeing the amount of goods around, throwing a storm of 「 What is this? 」 questions at me.
 We bought a lot of thing things like a 【Lighter】,【Ball-point pen】 , 【Writing Paper】,【Cup】,【Plate】,【Sponge】and a 【Plastic Container】.

 Having finished sopping at the 100 Yen Shop, we went to the supermarket next.
 Elena’s eyes glittered at the sight of the supermarket’s large amount of goods while she gave another typhoon of questions. I somehow made it through.
 I chose to stock up on some 【Fresh Potatoes】,【Fresh Onion】, 【Carrot】, 【Pork】, 【Chicken】, 【Sausage】, 【Ham】, 【Curry Powder】, 【Wheat Flour】, 【Tube of Garlic】, 【Tube of Ginger】, 【Lettuce】, 【Egg】, 【Milk】, 【Butter】, 【Yogurt】, 【Cereal】, 【Candy】 and so on.

 Little sister… don’t just secretly put 【Chocolate】 in the basket! Well, we’ll still buy it.

 Having finished shopping at the supermarket, as I was quickly putting away everything in my inventory while people aren’t looking, my little sister said something strange.

「 I want to eat【Sushi】.」

「Ha? Why are you suddenly saying you want sushi?」
「Cause, since Elena-chan has come to Japan, she absolutely has to eat sushi!」
「And the truth is?」
「Because I want to eat it.」

「【Sushi】, what is that?」
「See–! Elena-chan says she wants to eat it too!」
「Oh, alright.」

「I-is it okay to go turn back?」
「Well, there’s no helping it~」
「I-I’m sorry!」

 Why are you apologizing to me?


 Elena was a little startled from the energetic welcome, although Elena garnered a lot of attention again.

 We sat in a family-size seat at the innermost area.When Elena looked at the sushi passing by on the conveyor belt, her eyes stared in amazement.

「T-this is, how……」
「The food passes by like this, so you can take what you like and eat it.」

 As I was saying that, my little sister had already devoured 3 dishes. Wh-When did she…

「W-which one should I take?」

 Elena was overwhelmed and confused.

「Well just wait Elena, I’ll order something for you.」

「Excuse me, could we get you to make this girl some sushi without wasabi?」
「Sure thing!」

 At that moment, my little sister was using her chopsticks to bring her fifth dish of sea urchin battleship sushi up to her mouth. Th-that’s the most expensive dish in this shop! Because you know I’m paying, you’re ordering all the most expensive things in the shop! Some day I’m gonna put a 【Slave Collar】 on you!

 Hm? Chopsticks?

「Ah, that reminds me! Elena, do you know how to use【Chopsticks】?」

「【Chopsticks】? I don’t know.」
「What should we do?」

「Then I’ll ask.」
「Eh? Aya, what do you mean by ask?」

「Excuse me~! Please give this girl a knife and fork.」
「Idiot! There’s no way a sushi shop would have knives and forks!」

「We do!」
「「 Eh? 」」

「We do have knives and forks.」

 A sushi shop also has knives and forks–
 I didn’t know.

<※ Honestly, I don’t actually know if they do or not.>

 After a while, Elena’s sushi that I left to them to make came out together with a knife and fork.

 They went out of their way to make small bite-sized sushi to eat it easily with a knife and fork.

「Amazing! It’s so small and cute, it’s very beautiful. So much that I would want to look at it forever.」

 Elena was very excited by her specially-made sushi.

「Come on, since they went out of their way to make it just for you, you should stop saying such things and eat.」

 The size of the sushi fit exactly on the fork. Elena smoothly picked it up with her knife and fork, bringing it to her cute mouth.

「Iy’s derifious!!」

 Seeing Elena eating her mini sushi with great joy, me and Aya felt a warm and fluffy feeling, but…… before I knew it, the shop’s cooks, all of them had a warm smile as they looked at Elena eating.

 At first I wondered how it would turn out, but it seems it was the right choice to bring her here. As for my little sister’s selfishness, I might listen to her once in a while~