18. To the Temple of Wind

After enjoying our fill of sushi we decided to go home and take a bath.
 Since Elena doesn’t understand how to get the bath set up, I went in together with her and attentively taught…… like hell that would happen. Aya was enthusiastically teaching her, I could even hear her squealing coming from the bathroom. I-it’s not like I’m envious or anything, I wasn’t thinking about peeking one bit at all!
 While I was having my mental anguish, my job was to cook the rice which I repeatedly filled into plastic containers that I then stored away into my inventory.

 Both of them came out after a while, although Elena was wearing my 【Bathrobe】 that I once bought on an impulse but never wore in the end. It was a bit too big on her and the sleeves too long. Quite erotic, what a great sight!
 Aya is wearing the T-shirt with the slogan 『If you work, you lose』 written on it that I once bought on an impulse but never wore in the end. It was a bit too big on her that it ended up as a one-piece. Wearing my T-shirt without my permission! Just looking made me feel irritated.

 I also took a bath after Elena and Aya. However I definitely didn’t think about the water in the bath being the same water that Elena, and I guess Aya too, took a bath in at all, not even a tiny bit!

 Entering the bath, it was so pleasant that I felt sleepy, therefore I decided we would go to sleep for the day, however–

 We don’t have enough futons!
 There was only the futon that I used for my bed.

 Because my little sister moved in I was going to have the moving company bring her futon over, however it seems that today was just a day trip and the actual moving in had been planned for next week. I was pretty happy I could save on the moving fee with my 【Teleportation】 and 【Inventory】.

 If I knew it was going to be like this, I guess I shouldn’t have left Elena’s bed at the church~

 In the end, Aya and Elena were sleeping in my bed while cuddling together, and I slept by my lonely self curled up in the sleeping bag I bought for emergency use.


 The next morning, I woke up as the sun rose, the two of them seemed to still be fast asleep. I made breakfast being careful not to wake them up.

 Breakfast was bacon & eggs with salad and miso soup. There was still the rice left from yesterday, so I recooked it for breakfast again.

 When the aroma of the rice enveloped the room, the two finally woke up and so the three of us decided to eat breakfast.

「I also want to try using 【Chopsticks】.」

 Elena was the only one not using 【Chopsticks】 so she had said that.

「Alright, let’s have you try out 【Chopsticks】.」

 She answered with enthusiasm and began trying, however it didn’t go well and she gradually grew teary.

「Alright, that’s enough for today!」
「You won’t be able to get used to it immediately. You can try it as much as you want from now on, so it’s fine to slowly learn it bit by bit.」

 We somehow managed to finish eating our breakfast, so we decided to get ready and go to the other world.

 I had my denim jacket and jeans on again, but Aya and Elena are were wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

「You two aren’t changing?」
「Then let’s buy new clothes on the other side.」

 After confirming that there’s nothing we forgot to bring, I held hands with Aya and Elena–


 We teleported to the different other world.


 Our destination was the Fountain Square again. I’m relieved that it’s a place we’ve teleported to before.

『Woah! So this is another world~ Ah, there’s also people with cat ears!!』

「Huh? I can’t understand Aya-san’s words anymore.」
『Huh? I suddenly can’t understand Elena-chan’s words anymore.』

「Elena, pass over the【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】 to Aya.」
「Ah, that’s it!」

『What is it, Elena-chan? You’re giving me this?』

 Elena handed over the 【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】 to Aya, Aya’s body was then enveloped in the magic stone’s light.

「How is it? Do you understand what I’m saying now?」
「Ah, I’m able to understand now. Could it be the power of this stone?」
「Yes, this stone is called the 【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】, it’s a 【Magic Stone】 that lets you use the language of the region if you use it.」

「Now then, let’s go and buy clothes.」

 The shopping at the clothes store took about an hour. I wonder why women are so slow at shopping……
 Furthermore, they also used up 1000 Aurum on buying clothes.
 Since a loaf of bread costs 1 Aurum, I guess 1 Aurum should be about 100 yen? In other words, if we convert 1000 Aurum to yen, then… 100,000 yen?! Exactly how many clothes did they buy!?
 Furthermore, the two came out changed into the clothes they bought. Although they were wearing the same clothes, they were different colours. They look a bit like sisters.

 While Elena and Aya were delighted with their new clothes, we headed to the 【Temple of Wind】.

「The admission fee to the 【Mana Crystal of Wind】 is 『 4500 Aurum』 per person.」

「Wha–!? So they’re charging money! And on top of that, it’s so expensive!!」