15. Little Sister Invasion

Having survived the toilet crisis, we returned to the living room to continue enjoying some tea, however–


「W-what is that sound!?」

 Surprised by the sound of the intercom, Elena clung to me.

「It’s okay, that was just the sound of the doorbell. I wonder who is it? I’ll be back in a minute.」

 When I opened the front door–

「I came.」
「So it’s you, why did you come here?」
「How mean~! What’s with that!」

「I mean, if you’re coming you should have given me a call.」
「I did!」
「I didn’t hear it.」

「I called you yesterday, didn’t I? Your phone was off, where were you?」

 Oh right, I went to another world yesterday. There’s no way the signal would reach.

「My bad, my bad, it ran out of power.」
「Then you didn’t read my message either? 」
「Message? Sorry, I didn’t checked my messages either.」
「See, it’s not my fault. I wrote that I was coming today in the message.」

『Umm, who is it that came?』

 Having gotten tired of waiting, Elena came out from the living room door.

「W-W-W… Who is this girl!!?」
「Hold on, calm down.」
「Th-th-there’s no way I would calm down!!」

『Sorry, sorry, just give me a minute.』

「What was that language just now!?」
「Eh? Language?」
「You were talking to her with some kind of foreign language!」

 Crap, did I talk to Elena with the 【Delaidos Common Language】 subconsciously?

「Uhm, let me introduce you. This girl is the Princess of the Delaidos Kingdom, Princess Elena.」
『And this noisy person here is Maruyama Aya, my little sister.』

 Aya is currently 18 years old, she passed the exams for a junior college and will soon be attending. The reason she came to my place is to commute from here to the junior college. I heard she would be coming soon, however I completely forgot about it.

「Aledos Kingdom? Princess? Nii-chan, is there something wrong with your head?」
「No, I’m telling you the truth.」

『So you are Seiji-sama’s little sister. You have the same eyes and hair colour as Seiji-sama, you look just like him.』

 No no, Japanese mostly have the same colour.

「Nii-chan, the language this girl is speaking, which language is it?」
「It’s the 【Delaidos Common Language】.」
「I’ve never heard of it though.」
「Well you see, that’s because it’s a language of another world’s country」

「What is it?」
「You’ve been talking nonsense like princess and another world since a while ago, you must be trying to hide something?」
「I’m not hiding anything.」

「For example, you must have kidnapped this girl from somewhere!」
「Well, I guess you could call it kidnapping.」

 Aya took out her cellphone and started to make a call to someone.

「Who are you calling?」
「The police.」
「Hold it right there~!!」
「If you don’t want me to call, then will you turn yourself in? Do you want me to accompany you to the police station?」
「Please hold on a moment, Aya-san.」

『I do not know what you two are talking about, but you two seem close.』

「A-anyway, this isn’t a good place to talk, why don’t you come inside?」
「Well, okay.」

「Now, tell me the truth!」

 Aya confronted me.

『Did I do something wrong?』

 Elena sat down to my side in the middle of the interrogation.

「Look, Aya.」
「If I said I have the 【Teleportation】 ability, would you believe me?」
「Are you an idiot! You still want to joke around?」
『Since I’ll be persuading Aya after this, please wait a little bit Elena.』

 I grabbed Aya’s hands.

「 W-what!」


 Me and Aya had teleported to the living room of our home.

「Do you know where this place is?」
「Our home……」
「Do you believe me now?」

「Oh!? Seiji, Aya, when did you come home?」

 Oh crap, Kaa-san found us!

「Jeez, tell me beforehand if you’re coming home since I need to prepare a meal. Wait a bit, I’ll go out to buy some things.」

 Kaa-san left the living room to prepare to go out shopping.

「We’ll take this chance to return.」
「Eh, ah okay.」

「Seiji, Aya, is there something you want to eat? Huh? Seiji, Aya! T-they aren’t here…… of course they aren’t, Seiji and Aya should both be in Tokyo right now… am I tired?」

 Me and Aya returned.

『We’re back.』
『Welcome back.』

「Simply put, I went to another world, learnt the 【Teleportation】 ability, and to rescue the princess from a bad guy, I kidnapped her. Got it?」
「R-right….. g-got it.」

『How is it? Were you able to convince her?』
『Yeah, I convinced her.』

「Jeez, I understand it now so can you two stop your secret talk with a language I don’t know!」
「It’s not a secret talk.」

 Darn it, what a bother. This current interpretation, is there some way to solve it~


 That’s it! I can use the【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】.
 I handed Elena the 【Magic Stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】that I had been carrying for awhile.

「Oh right, if I have this, I’ll be able to understand the language of Seiji-sama’s country.」
「Ah, Japanese!」
「Aya-sama, it is a pleasure to meet you. As for me, my name is Elena Delaidos. Please treat me well.」
「M-my name is Aya, nice to meet you too.」

「Seiji-sama rescued me when I was imprisoned.」
「It seems the misunderstanding is cleared up, that’s good.」

「Umm, Elena-chan.」
「Yes, what is it?」
「Just for a moment, can you come sit next to me?」

 Elena slowly walked over next to Aya, and as Aya told her, she sat down next to her.

「You see I~」

 Aya had some kind of scary expression.

「I’ve always wanted a little sister like you!」
「Kyaa! A-Aya-sama! What are you!」

 Aya who was embrassing Elena, begun to caress her. Elena fell into a panic from being embraced suddenly.

 Well, it’s good that these two are intimate, but I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen from now on……