11. Turnip and Bacon Soup

Thanks to Princess Elena’s recovery magic, the Sister woke up after a while.

「Unnnn… huh? Why am I… who are you people?」
「Ah, please don’t get up yet. The magic has only eased the illness, it hasn’t been cured yet.」
「Are you perhaps magicians? I am really sorry, but we do not have the money to pay you…」
「Don’t worry about it, since it was Elena’s and my own whim. 」
「I’m really sorry.」

 Sister-san kept on apologising.

「Aria, I bought this bread, eat it.」
「Thank you, Miinya.」

 The Sister name is seems to be 『Aria』 and the cat-eared girl seems to be called 『Miinya』.
 Aria-san tried to eat the bread Miinya brought, but ended up violently coughing after biting on the bread.

「Are you okay?」

 I took out a small plastic bottle of mineral water from my Inventory, opened the cap and had Aria-san drink it.

「Thank you very much. Huh? This bottle is very light.」
「Well, it’s something from my hometown.」
「Aria, sorry. Was the bread too hard?」
「I’m sorry. My throat stills hurts a bit.」

 It seems like since Aria-san’s throat still hurts, she’s unable to eat the hard bread.

「Wait a moment. I’ll go make something more suitable. Where’s the kitchen?」
「Oji-san can cook?」
「Hey, hey! I’m at a sensitive age, so please don’t call me 『Oji-san』!」
「Then, Onii-san!」
「Well that’s fine. Something like soup should be fine if her throat still hurts. Miinya right? Could you show me to the kitchen?」
「Then I’ll go cook something for a bit, please look after Aria-san, Elena. 」
「Yes, I understand.」

 Guided by Miinya, I arrived at the kitchen.

「Here it is. So what are you making?」
「Let’s see~」

 Looking around the kitchen, there didn’t seem to be any food stocked up. Well, to get to point where she had to steal to buy bread, they probably had a hard time.
 I checked the inside of my Inventory for any ingredient that can be used to make soup.

「Let’s go with 【Turnip】 soup」
「It’s delicious~」

 Since 【Turnip】 was on sale at the supermarket, I went ahead and bought it. Since I also put all my cooking utensils in my Inventory, everything I needed was here.
 Taking out the turnip, consommé, bacon, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, pan, chopping board and knife from my Inventory, I arranged them on the table.

「Is this 『Turnip』?This is my first time seeing it.」

 Minya didn’t know about it, is there no 【Turnip】 in this world?
 Checking the stove, it seems you have to ignite the firewood. I took out a lighter from my Inventory.

「What’s that~?」
「This? This is called a lighter, it’s a tool to ignite a fire.」
「A magic tool?」
「Magic tool? I guess you could call it that.」

 Are there tools that use magic in this world too?
 I ignited a twig with the lighter and the flame spread to the firewood.

 First I chop up the turnip and bacon, then fry the bacon on the pan with oil. Once the fire reaches a certain heat, I pour some water on the bacon, then toss in the consommé soup and turnip. While letting it simmer, the turnip turned tender and mixed in. Putting in some salt and pepper seasoning, it’s finished. Because it’s for an ill person, I kept the seasoning a bit thin.
 Carrying the pan to Aria-san’s room, I placed a soup bowl on the table and poured in the soup which spread a nice consommé aroma around the room. The soup bowl is a wooden bowl that matched the church.

「Oh, such an appetising aroma!」
「Do you think you can get up?」

 I lent my shoulder to Aria-san and escorted her to the table.

「What an appetising aroma! To show such kindness to us, I don’t know how to thank you enough…」
「You can leave that for later, eat it before it gets cold.」

 Aria-san scooped the soup into her her mouth.

「How delicious!」

 Aria-san started to cry for some reason.

「Hey now, there’s nothing to cry about.」
「I’m sorry, this is just too delicious!」

 Aria-san steadily ate the soup.


 When I thought I heard a noise, it was the sound of the children’s stomachs.

「Do you guys want some soup too?」
「「Can we!?」」
「There’s enough for everyone. Come on, go get your bowls.」

The children lined up in front of me with their bowls. It felt like I was the lunch lady at the school cafeteria.
 I poured the soup into the children’s bowls one by one.
 The children carefully brought their bowls to the table like it was valuable and began eating the soup.


 My soup seems to be popular with the children.
 Suddenly, I noticed Elena was staring at me with sparkling eyes. Taking out the bowl I won from the Bread Festival from my Inventory, I poured the soup in it and put it on the table along with a spoon, calling Elena over.

「Here, have some too Elena.」
「Is that okay?」
「Of course!」
「Thank you very much!」

 I also took out another bowl and sat next to Elena to have the soup with everyone. Despite not going all out, it was actually pretty good.
 However, only having soup won’t be enough to fill us up. Is there something else?
 Searching through my Inventory, I managed to find something good.

「Everyone, how about trying some of this?」

 I took out 2 loaves of sandwich breads with 8 slices each.

「What’s that?」
「It’s bread.」
「Square bread?」

 I passed out 2 slices each to everyone. Since Aria-san couldn’t eat the hard bread Miinya bought, the children got 1 slice each, me and Elena took half a slice each, 1 slice was left with Aria-san and the last slice was given to the 4 children to share.

「This bread is super soft and delicious!」
「There, there. Eat it slowly now.」

 Everyone seemed to enjoy the appetising meal. Everyone ate all their soup and bread.

「Thank you very much, it was delicious.」
「It was really delicious.」

 Aria-san, the children and Elena seemed to be satisfied.

「Aria-san, try drinking this after eating.」
「What is this?」
「It’s called 【Medicine】. While Elena’s magic has eased your illness, it would be a good idea to drink this just in case.」
「Thank you very much.」

 Well, it’s just cold medicine, but it would still be better to drink it than not.

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