UchiNara WN to LN

So a while ago I announced that I would translate the web novel version of Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai. starting next month. This is now changing as I will now be translating the light novel instead of the web novel.

This is thanks to Solistia from HaruPARTY who kindly provided me with the text and illustrations from the light novel version that she(?) purchased. Go on over and check Solistia’s translations out (if you haven’t), Yuusha Party especially as it’s one of my favourite translated WN/LN series right now.

Though the cover illustration is cute, the illustrations inside the LN just melt my heart ♥ so much that I wouldn’t mind becoming an oyabaka if she was my child.

Anyway, with me changing from the WN to the LN, that means the schedule I had planned of 1 chapter minimum per week will not happen as each chapter is much longer and there are 6 chapters in the first volume from what Solistia has told me. Therefore there will be no promised release time frame and it will come when I’m done with it. (Note that the WN Introduction I’ve already posted seems to be the same as the Introduction/Preface of the LN from a glance. I’ll make the necessary changes if there are any differences.)

Edit: The other half of Manga0205’s soul seems to have this listed as a possible project so I have sent a comment that I wouldn’t mind working together with them on this. Rather, I wouldn’t mind working with other translators as long as their quality is of a decent standard and they seem like they have a nice personality.


9 thoughts on “UchiNara WN to LN

    • The speed of Magi Craft Meister will not be affected as I am not taking the time from working on it for UchiNara but from my own free time. Re:translations should be seen as a different case.
      If you’re thinking that the speed has slowed, that is because of my exams and other real life things and not because of another series. The speed will be picking back up next month.


  1. It looks like a great ln to read, I look forward to it.

    However, MANGA0205 also talked about translating it on his second soul/site, so you might want to see if he has already started, or to tell him that he can translate something else.


  2. I would love to work with you on translating UchiNara. Seeing as how you chose it first, you can be the leader in this. Just tell me how would like this to work.


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