Let’s Prepare

Explains what we need to finish before we start game development.

Joker Script Download

First of all, please download the latest version of Joker Script from the download page.

There is no difference between Windows or Mac for the download file.
>>Go to the download page for the latest version of Joker Script

After you finish downloading it, please unzip it to a suitable location.

Unity Download and Installation

Next we’ll download and install Unity.
Please navigate to the corresponding Unity download page from the previous Joker Script download page.

Please unpack the downloaded file and open it, then run the installer.

There is no need for any special settings.
Please follow along with the instructions

When the image below occurs, wait for a while.
It should take around 10-15 minutes to finish installing.

When the installation is complete, please start up Unity.
When you first start it up, the image below should appear.

This time we’ll be using the free version, so for the 2nd option
「Activate the free version of Unity」
please check it and click OK.

Next the login screen will be displayed.
You will need an account to use Unity.
If you don’t have one, please click the 「Create Account」 in the image below.

Here is the user registration.
From the top
Password Confirmation
I agree to the Unity… should be checked and then click OK

Please start Unity by clicking 「Start using Unity」

If something like the image below appears, then you have successfully installed Unity.

Joker Script Installation

Last we’ll install Joker Script.
First we’ll make a Unity project for the tutorial.

Select [File]-[New Project] from the upper menu

The Project Directory will be tutorial
Please change the 「3D」 to 「2D」 like the image below, then create the project.

Please double click the
「JOKER.unitypackage」 inside the Joker Script we first downloaded.

Then something like the image below will be displayed in Unity

After you confirm that everything is checked, push the 「Import」 button

If an error occurs here and you are unable to import
Please confirm the files checked with the image below.
Please remove all checks where there are checks with the image below.

Please wait for a while as the installation will begin.

When complete, please enter Player in the project search area.
Once you find the scene file named Player, double click it.

Lastly, click the play button at the upper centre area.

How is it? Did the sample game start?

Good work.
Now the preparations for producing a game is complete.

Next time we’ll go ahead and create the game.

>>Next: Proceed to 「Let’s Display the Text」