Introduction & Preparation

If you go through this tutorial, you’ll be able to create an actual game. Go ahead and challenge yourself!

Joker Script Features

Hello. Thank you very much for trying out Joker Script.

First of all, we’ll give you a simple explanation on the Joker Script Features.

Operates on Unity

Joker Script’s greatest feature is that it is built to operate on Unity.

Unity is a multi-platform supporting game engine that
can makes games for PC, iPhone and Android.

Its smartphone development capabilities are very powerful, even major game development companies are already using it.
For example:

  • Dragon Quest VIII (Smartphone Ver.) by Square Enix
  • Shiro Neko Project by Colopl

and such are all produced with Unity.

And by using Joker Script
which inherits these powerful features, you can easily produce an adventure game.

Multi-platform Support

Games created with Joker Script can work on any operating system.
The code does not need to be changed for each different operating system.

Once you’ve made the game, you can output it to each and every operating system with just a press of a button.

【Working Operating Systems】

  • Windows Application
  • Mac Application
  • Browser Game (IE8~, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • iPhone and iPad App that can also be sold on the iOS Store
  • Android App that can also be sold on the Google Play Store
  • Browsing from a Smartphone Browser
  • Windows Phone
  • Home use for Playstation, Xbox and WiiU Game Consoles
  • Others too

You don’t have to think about what operation system to make it for when you first start.
After you finish, it’s fine to decide from a number of operating systems with just a press of a button.

Go ahead and try to take your first step into game development.

High Compatibility with KAG3/KiriKiri and TyranoScript

「Since this is the genuine thing, wouldn’t it be very difficult?」 you may possibly think.

Fret not.
Even a person without any programming experience
would be able to produce a game with Joker Script

Joker Script maintains high compatibility with KAG3/KiriKiri and TyranoScript.
You do not need knowledge on Unity to develop a game.

By combining simple tags, a game can easily be completed.



First of all, let’s make a novel game together.

And when a normal novel game doesn’t satisfy your needs, the powerful features are sure to be useful.

Well then, let’s first begin with preparing the development environment.


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