Chapter 5 – Obstruction?

 Jin looked at the golem called Lorelei and was impressed with the concept and materials used.
「Oooh, it’s the first time I’ve seen demon beast leather used as a material for a golem.」
 When Jin said that, Reinhardt’s eyes opened wide.
「Amazing! You were able to tell the materials Lorelei was made of at a glance!」
「Using flexible material to allow flexible movement, it makes sense.」
 Reinhardt grabbed Jin’s hand,
「That’s right! You really do understand! So, that Miss Reiko of yours… I guess there’s no way she could be. Definitely not a golem.」
 The main difference between automatas and golems was that automatas are usually made to imitate humans. That’s one of the reasons they wear clothes.
 Well if you were to think about it, you’d find the boundary rather vague. For now, you could say automatas try to imitate humans first and foremost while golems prioritise utility. However, this didn’t apply to Reiko.
 That aside, having heard what Reinhardt said, Jin with a wry smile,
「Yep. I actually haven’t made one yet.」
「Eh? Really?」
「Actually, I was only just invited yesterday and had only registered yesterday afternoon.」
 Reinhardt was surprised,
「This is very serious. Including me, many of the other participants have already finished preparations and started their adjustments.」
 However, Jin grinned,
「Well, just see.」
 He said confidently.
「Right! Jin, you don’t seem like an ordinary person. I’m looking forward to the day of the competition!」
 Reihardt said, then,
「Lorelei, lets go.」
 He uttered as he got on the mermaid golem’s back and,
「See you later Jin.」
 They then swam away. As Jin saw them off,
「I see, as long as the golem can move itself, then it doesn’t mean you have to ride on the boat.」
 He muttered. Then he grinned,
「Well, they say motivation comes from having a rival.」
 He said that phrase. Judging from the position of the sun, Jin knew it was nearly noon,
「Well then Reiko, let’s go back as well.」
「Yes, Otou-sama」
 Getting out from the sea, they returned to the Sea Pavilion.

*   *   *

「Well then, let’s go procure some materials.」
 After meeting up at the Sea Pavilion, Jin, Reiko and Marcia had lunch together before going out to town.
「What materials will you use for the golem?」
 Marcia asked,
「Light Silver would be best, but if it’s too excessive, bronze is also fine.」
 He answered. Then Marcia replied,
「Yeah, Light Silver is too unreasonable with our budget. Sorry, but can we go with bronze?」
「Yeah, of course.」
 Jin said and nodded. They then came to a place where rows of material warehouse stores were lined.
「It’s here.」
 The clerk welcomed,
「We’d like 50kg of bronze ingots for a golem. Also a Magi Stone.」
「Ah, I’m sorry, we have bronze but we’re out of our stock of Magi Stones.」
 Marcia raised her voice. Without a Magi Stone, a golem is only a doll. She knew that much as a shipwright.
「T-then when is the new stock scheduled to arrive?」
「The next stock is scheduled to come in one week.」
「Then we’ll be too late for the competition! Fine, we’ll go check another store.」
 Marcia angrily said and,
「Ah, it’s probably useless no matter where you go.」
 The clerk stated.
「Why is that?」
 Marcia asked the clerk,
「Yesterday night, someone bought up all the Magi Stones around here.」
 Marcia’s face went ghastly pale. Like this, they wouldn’t be able to complete the golem. They’ll then have to withdraw from the competition.
 Jin tapped Marcia’s shoulder.
「Marcia, we’ll only buy the bronze then. If we need a Magi Stone, I have one.」
 Because Jin had said that, Marcia nodded with relief,
「Then we’ll only buy the bronze.」
 She said, the clerk,
「Thanks for the patronage. That will be 30,000 Torr.」
 With these words, Marcia was aghast.
「What!? Isn’t that double the market price?」
「Yes. We’ve been short on stock recently.」
「But for it to be double…」
「How much can we get for 20,000 Torr?」
 She tried asking,
「You can get a bit more than 30kg with that.」
 Marcia was disappointed, however Jin,
「If there’s 30kg, I can work with it.」
 He had said.
「Yeah. Please leave it to me.」
 Looking at Jin’s confidence, Marcia became a little relieved,
「Then we’ll take 30kg please.」
 Saying that, they paid 18,000 Torr. The clerk took out a lump of bronze with great effort, placing it in front of them.
「Can you carry it for us?」
 Marcia had said, but the clerk,
「I’m currently busy, please carry it by yourself.」
 He refused.
「What are you saying! There isn’t even any other customers!」
 However it was useless to talk as the clerk had withdrawn to the back. Marcia who was left behind,
「Seriously! What kind of shop is this!」
 But Jin,
「Marcia, it’s a waste of time. Let’s go back.」
 Saying that, he looked over to Reiko,
「Sorry Reiko, but please carry it.」
「Yes, Onii-sama.」
 Reiko then easily lifted the 30kg of ingot.
 Marcia’s mouth went wide open having seen that. It was also the same for the clerk who was watching from the shadows.
 Because they had seen a girl with a height of 130cm who only looked about 10 years old, easily lifting the metal that was around the same weight as herself.
「As I said, Reiko is my assistant.」
「There’s no way I’d believe you with just that!」
 While they were arguing, Reiko had walked off with the ingot.


18 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Obstruction?

    • I disagree. Termination involves intent. Reiko-chan is so Op-ed she runs them over without even trying.

      “Reiko-chan, what is that on your shoe?”
      “Oh, it looks like a bandit that got in my way.”
      “Please clean your shoes before entering the house, you’re tracking bandit all across the floor.”
      “My apologies Onii-sama.”

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  1. Obstructions like what the competitors have been doing to Marcia, Jin, and Reiko are rather “business as usual”. In the real world, Wal-Mart got into trouble for interfering with certain zoning regulations (which can affect placement of new competitors). In my area, a city official finally got caught in a police sting operation for selling his influence. That city official would cause competitors to be investigated a lot (if he was paid by someone to hinder competitors) or even new business applications to be hugely delayed.(if he didn’t receive compensation). That’s capitalism without ethics.

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  2. This is no time to be grinning! Take care of Reiko better because humans are greedy. To call her a rival is she as strong as Jin?
    Looks like they bribed every stores. That sucks


  3. He could have just sold her the metal since hes going to end up using his magic stones anyway which seem more expensive at this point. I wonder what reaction people will have to her walking down the street carrying that or Reiko not eating at the hotel


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