Chapter 9 – Hourai Island is currently under development

Upon returning to Hourai Island, what awaited Jin was a mountain of reporting.
「The result of investigating the west side of the wasteland, granite, oya stone and other materials can be collected in large quantities. For mineral resources there is an abundance of iron ore, but not many of the other minerals were collected」
「Please store the high quality iron ore that is mined」
「A fence has been made on the east side of the grasslands, preparations for a farm has been made」
「Aah, as soon as it’s done, purchase cattle and sheep with money」
「The establishment of the port of Tatsumi Bay has finished, two fish tanks for experiment have arranged」
「Please continue to investigate the types of fishes」
「The orchard of the plateau is finished」
「After this I’ll make a refrigerator, so please leave the harvested fruit in there」
「A list for the forest area of the north side has been completed.」
「So there a rubber tree there, huh? That is good」
Etc, etc, etc. After all that, the reports continued until the next day, going to Beana’s place became a rest day.

「Of course I’ll be tired…」
The work the Golem Maids did was more than Jin expected.
「How is it going on your side Father?」
After finishing the report, Reiko came to ask.
「Aa. The prototype of the refrigerator is complete. Also the popcorn」
「It’s food made from this corn」
Jin took out the bag of corn he had brought and showed it. The one to receive it was Topaz.
「I will see to immediately sowing this in the field」
「Aa, please do so」
Topaz gave instructions to her subordinate golems.
「Now then, let’s go ahead and make a refrigerator」
「I will help」
Reiko headed towards the workshop with Jin.
「Rather than putting in a 《Magic Stone》, using a 《Magic Crystal》 should be fine」
Taking out a water type 《Magic Crystal》, Jin immediately carved a 《Magic Formula》.
A 《Magic Crystal》 compared to a 《Magic Stone》 is dozens of times to hundreds of times longer lasting so he directly used carving for the 《Magic Formula》. The frequent need to replace 《Magic Stones》 is why 《Plates》 are used.
「It doesn’t produce ice but directly cools it」
It would be impossible for Beana, but Jin was able to easy configure the《Magic Formula》.
「Father, the case is complete」
Reiko had made the body of the refrigerator.
「Okay. The case just needs to be given an insulation barrier. With this it’s done」
「It is complete」
The finished product was 1 metre in height, 70 centimetres in width, and 60 centimetres in depth.
「Okay, let’s put the food in. It will be tasty to eat when cool」
「Understood, I will put them in later」
「Okay, next the unused room for the refrigerator, no I’ll remodel it into a refrigerated room」
He meant to create a storehouse for fruits, nuts, grains, and corn.
「If that’s the case, I believe the first floor interior would be best」
Though it was a huge refrigerator, with Jin and Reiko cooperating, the size wasn’t much of a problem. The immediately brought the fruits to the completed refrigerated room.

Similarly, Jin made another room a freezer. It was because freezing was better for long-term preservation. It could also make ice.
Fruits and nuts were also stored there.
Once things finished it was already evening. Jin headed to the dining room installed in the Laboratory however,
「Aah, fruits and nuts are today’s meal too…」
He let out a complaint. Reiko hearing that,
「Father, although it’s not much, there’s bread and dried meat」
Jin asked in a fluster.
「Yes. In fact, just the other day, while Father was in Beana’s workshop, I made money by selling 《Magic Stone》 at a stall. There I bought it. Did I perhaps do something unecessary?」
Reiko answered seemingly worried. But Jin,
「There’s no way, it’s great you noticed Reiko. I’m glad」
Saying that, Reiko held out a baked bread, and dried meat.
「Yeah, it’s good」
Jin ate the dried meat and bread in both hands. The seasoning was just right. Seeing that Reiko smiled,
「I am glad」
However, the bread and dried meat was for one meal.
「It would be good if you can secure food tomorrow」
Jin thought while eating. And then he came up with an idea.
「That’s right, Reiko, besides that I want to build a house」
「A house is it?」
「Aa. This Laboratory is an absolute secret, in the case if I were to bring someone, leading them to the house outside is the minimum we need to protect the secret」
Then Reiko slightly frowned,
「… is this about Beana-san?」
「No, it’s not particularly about Beana. A house near a 《Warp Gate》, I thought would be good. In any case, we won’t know where we’ll arrive further in the future, it will be a drawback to buying things like grain or livestock」
「So it’s that kind of thing. I understand. If that’s the case, I’ll make it with the help of Soleil and Luna」
「It shouldn’t be too big of a house okay? It doesn’t matter if it’s small. Let’s see, about twice that of Beana’s house would be fine. A simple workshop should also be made as a dummy」
「Roger, leave it to me」
With this, Jin was relieved that it was now easy to explain when Beana asks 『where did you come from』.


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    • That’s the beauty of it. He doesn’t have to explain a warp portal, everybody knows they’re relics of the past and the portal has always been there.


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