Chapter 8 – Popcorn

The next morning. This time Jin brought a basket of orange-like fruits alone, visiting Beana’s workshop. Reiko stayed behind in order to give new instructions to the Maid Golem group on 『Hourai Island』.
「Good morning」
「Ah, good morning Jin」
「Today I’ve brought this」
Showing the orange-like fruit in the basket to Beana,
「This is Citran」
「I don’t really know about it but I brought it because it’s bittersweet and delicious」
「This doesn’t grow around here? Jin, you, where the heck did you come from?」
It was a natural question.
「Aah, let’s see, could be postpone the explanation for a little while longer? I’ll eventually say it, but right now is a bit」
When Jin said that, Beana seemed slightly unsatisfied,
「Muu… it can’t be helped. Because I did ask for and received help」
While saying that she received the basket of Citran.
「So how’s the condition of the refrigerator?」
「A-Aa. The magic tool we made yesterday」
「F-un, 『Refrigerator』 huh? That’s a pretty good name」
Naturally because it was not a name given by Jin.
「And so, about that refrigerator, I’ve discovered one flaw」
「What is it?」
Beana guided to the kitchen where the refrigerator was placed and there,
「Aah, I see」
The floor was flooded. The ice used for cooling melted, and the water dripped onto the floor.
「Yeah, what should we do」
「The water from the melted ice needs to not fall down. But then keeping it cool will be difficult」
The result from the 2 thinking, they decided to put the ice in a metal container. The ice that melts would be frozen again to use.
「Copper looks good to use」
「Why? Iron is cheaper right now?」
「Iron can rust so the durability will be a problem. Also copper can propagate cold air easily」
「Is that so? Anyway, Jin sure seems to know a variety of things」
「I guess so. Now let’s immediately reform it」
Putting the minor details aside, the two immediately started reforming it.
There was no problem with the coldness inside so when the leak was gone, the 『refrigerator』 was more or less complete.
「It’s done」
「Ee. Well then, should we make about 3 of them?」
Beana used the prototype while looking for flaws, besides the plans for various tests, they decided the amount to make to market.
「We’ll need to improve the exterior appearance since it’s for sale」
Saying that, Jin made a wooden case painted white. It’s what’s called a 『large household appliance』.
「Oooh, this feels good」
Because they had a sample, they were able to complete 3 by noon. They had yet to insert the 《Magic Stone》 so it was not operating.
「It’s done」
「Aa, good work」
「It’s already noon. I can’t offer much, but would you like to eat together?」
「If you’re fine with it」
So Beana went to the kitchen. She seemed to cook something. A short while after, the vegetable soup was finished.
「Nana and Raldo will come and eat, so go ahead and eat first」
Though that was said,
「No, I won’t do that. Right, I’ll bring them peeled Citran」
Saying that, Jin took 2 Citran fruit and together with Beana, he moved to the room of the siblings.
「Ah, Jin-oniichan」
Finding Jin behind Beana, Raldo raised his voice.
「Yo. Today I’ll peel you Citran」
Saying that, Jin peeled the Citran. He peeled it with his hand like with an orange, it was easy.
「It’s bittersweet and delicious!」
Nana was delighted. Beana gazed at the two while they ate with a broad smile.

The two came back to their meal in the kitchen. The soup was cooked with various vegetables, and the seasoning wasn’t bad. However,
He felt something hard.. Beana to Jin,
「Sorry. The corn is hard right? It was the cheapest thing and so it doesn’t go soft no matter how much I boil it」
Jin stared at the corn and tried to slowly chew it.
「This feeling, could it be… Beana, is there still any of this corn?」
「E-Ee. I bought a bag of it so there should still be about 8 kilograms left」
Jin hurriedly consumed the soup after hearing that and had her show him the corn. Jin looked at what he fiddled with on his hand,
「With this I might be able to do it」
With that said, he had Beana head to the workshop after she finished eating.
「What’s the matter?」
To Beana who was confused,
「I came up with something that can quickly make money」
Saying that he issued instructions to Beana, and they begun making a magic tool.
「Right. 1 medium sized shallow pot… also, 1 large sized dense pot. Hang the shallow pot like this, insert the 《Magic Stone》 below」
While saying that, Jin wrote a 《Magic Formula》 on the 《Plate》. Seeing that Beana,
「Eh? If my eyes haven’t gone strange, isn’t that a lightning type formula? Wouldn’t you use a fire type for a pot?」
Then Jin grinned and laughed,
「That’s a feature of this tool. Often people see that lightning generated is miniscule, moreover it changes in extremely short intervals」
「Such a thing… can be done」
Jin assembled the tool together with Beana, furthermore Beana,
「Could I have the corn from before, also a little bit of oil and salt?」
Putting the oil, salt and corn in the hanging pot,
「It will be amusing if it works」
Murmuring that, the tool activated.
A slightly sweet smell came immediately after, suddenly 『POP』 was the sound that made together with the corn that popped. Beana who was surprised,
「Wha-What is it?」
「Alright! It’s a success」
One popped, and one after another the corn popped. The corn that popped was collected by the large pot placed below. Soon the corn in the top pot was exhausted and Jin stopped the tool.
「Now, let’s try eating it」
The large pot had collected the popped corn. Jin picked one up and ate it.
「Yup, it’s good」
Beana having seen that, tried eating a popped corn herself. And,
「Ah. Delicious」
She became engrossed in eating it. The popped corn in the pot was quickly gone.
「Fuu, that was delicious. It makes you want to eat more」
「Right? It’s called popcorn. Selling this at the stall will be profitable I believe」
「Ah, that’s right! I’ll try it out immediately tomorrow!」
「Even if the refrigerator is bought no one will look. If the popcorn becomes famous then you might be more known」
「You’re right. I’m glad I can earn my living expenses for now. Jin, thank you!」
「What is it… ah, this, if there’s no hard skin on the corn then it won’t pop well so be careful」
「Really? That’s good.?I thought it would be more delicious if I used expensive corn」
And so, Jin and Beana decided to go out to buy corn, oil, and salt.
Either way it was cheap so Beana could buy it, Jin received one bag of corn and returned home.


19 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Popcorn

    • For the very least, if this story was written in Hebrew, the author would have no choice but to still blame Jin for having a bad naming sense, seeing as “Refrigerator” is called “Cooler”. Basically, “That which cools”.
      “So we have a machine that Cools down anything inside of it! Therefore, I call it, Cooler!”

      Although, the same can be said about the lower temperature compartment, which pretty much everyone call “a freezer”. It freezes stuff, so it’s a freezer. much wow.


    • Also, one tid bit I forgot to mention, which is irrelevant to language — is that their refrigerator is flawed, by premise. If all you do is cool down air, you’ll collect moisture, no matter what. The real job of a refrigerator, is to create a frozen desert. An arid area with low temperature, and to do that, you need to suck out the air and the moisture with it, not just create ice. Otherwise, your food stuffs will just be dampened with water, and will degenerate even faster.


  1. They are like husband and wife! lol. And i knew it! It was popcorn! First thought that came to mind haha. I really like how hes not so truthful anymore and having secrets.


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