Chapter 10 – Lighter Production

 The next morning, Jin visited Beana’s house with the apple-like fruits in a basket. Reiko stayed at home today. More precisely, to build the house.
「Beana, are you home?」
 He says as he knocks on the door, the door then swiftly opened.
「Jin! You came! …hm?」
 Jin was struck flying by the door.
 There was a bump on Jin’s forehead, Beana made an apologetic expression having seen that.
「Aah, I’m fine… 《Cure》」
 Jin applied recovery magic on himself. Beana was stunned upon seeing that.
「Y-Y-You, you can use recovery magic!?」
「Hn? I can use it for this much. I can only cure it if it’s a recent injury」
「That’s still amazing…」
「So, why are you so excited?」
 Jin asked Beana having cured the bump.
「Ah, right. That 『Popcorn』, it’s selling really well!」
 According to Beana, at first people bought it out of curiosity, then people who brought it home to eat, and they then returned to buy more having tasted it. Having seen that people came to try it out, and so for the afternoon all 10kg of corn was used up for the afternoon.
「So, for Jin’s share, or rather as my gratitude, I want to give you this」
 Beana held out 3 silver coins. It was about 3000 yen.
「Wow, you’ve made quite a profit」
「Yeah. Also, 4 of the magic lamp that were placed to the side were sold」
「Ooh. Just as planned」
 As Jin thought, the popcorn would attract customers and the magic tool that was sold was the main.
「And so I decided to open the store at noon and thought I’d make magic tools this morning」
「Oh, did you get some kind of idea?」
 Jin asks,
「Yes. Right now I have two. One is a convenient portable magic lamp, the other one is a magic tool to ignite fire」
 After Jin thought a little while from what he heard,
「A magic tool to ignite fire, is? I don’t really cook much so I don’t know what is used」
「Is that so? Well you see, magic usually can’t light a fire, so because of that houses preserve the kindling to use for fire lighting」
 Fire lighting is a tool for lighting a fire by rubbing two sticks together.
「There is a magic tool to put start a fire, however it’s expensive, it isn’t something a commoner can put their hands on. That’s why I thought something to ignite a fire would be good」
 Jin was impressed. Put simply a lighter was what Beana had said.
「Un, isn’t that fine? You’ve already thought of the conception right?」
「Yes, could you listen about it? First the 《Magic Stone》 would…」
 Having heard Beana’s explanation, Jin,
「I think that’s good. You should go ahead and make it」
 And so the production begins.
「It should be the size to hold in one’s palm and a fire should be produced when grasped I believe」
「Un, but because grasping is a bit ambiguous, how about doing it like this?」
 Jin explains about a push button.
「Aah, that would be great. When you press here, the 《Magic Stone》 and 《Plate》 touch and operate…」
 Thus the lighter was completed.
「Because the 《Magic Stone》 is extremely small it can be a lot cheaper」
 It could be used 100 times before the magic stone broke.
「1 for 100 torr, that’s too expensive. About 50 torr perhaps?」
 Approximately 500 yen. 100 uses so 1 use is 5 yen. It’s about right.
「Also, how about when it can no longer produce fire they can come back and you can replace the 《Magic Stone》 for a fee?」
「Aah, I agree. That should be about 20 torr」
「Okay. So, likely, I think this will be imitated soon, so you should sell and earn as much as possible until then」
「Hmm, certainly, it’s very likely it will imitated」
 Beana also agrees.
「Ah, also, for all your productions from now on, I think you should put on a engraved seal so it’s known that it’s yours」
「Eh? Why?」
「To distinguish from an imitation for one. Also it is better to start selling your name now」
 Beana’s face then goes slightly red,
「Y-You think so? I’ve never thought about such a thing before」
「Yes, I’m not just pulling out compliments, I believe that Beana will become famous from now on」
 And because Jin said that with a serious look, Beana’s face grew more red,
「Mmm-me, famous? You think」
 She began to wriggle about while Jin bitterly smiled,
「From now on that is. Will you think about the engraved design?」
「I-I know」
 Incidentally Jin’s designs together with his naming sense is deplorable.
 For the engraved seal, the design was decided with placing Beana’s favourite flower, the lily inside the B of Beana (the characters of this world are very similar to the alphabet).
「Alright, let’s engrave it on the lighter」
 Jin having said that,
「Y-Yeah. This magic tool, named for lighting a fire, I thought to call it a 『lighter』」
「Lighter… un, isn’t that fine? Refrigerator was good too, Jin, your sense is great!」
 A complete misunderstanding, however Jin was not so stupid to point that out.

 The two who made 20 lighters this morning had bread and vegetable soup as well as the apple (apple-like). Incidentally the apple was the comparatively the common fruit.
「Thanks to you my brother and sister are delighted」
 Since Jin has brought a variety of fruits, both of them now had an appetite.
「Ah, but I wonder if the apple is a little too hard?」
 Beana was worried since they were bleeding from their gums.
「If that’s the case, why not turn it into juice or bake it?」
 Jin said and Beana’s eyes widened.
「Bake? The apple?」
「Yeah. Take out the core, put in sugar and cinnamon, then bake it with a frying pan」
 Beana having heard Jin’s explanation,
「Sugar is impossible because it’s expensive. Also what is cinnamon?」
「Ahh, right, sorry. That’s a way of eating it in my hometown. Well then, there’s grated apple」
 Although Jin had carelessly called it apple,
「Apple? So that’s what apples are called from where Jin is from. Un, then we’ll go with grated apple」
 Saying that Beana grated the apples, bringing it to eat together with the younger siblings.


28 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Lighter Production

    • I’m guessing you started reading Xian Ni or MGA?

      IET and Tang Jia San Shao stories usually have fairly ‘righteous’ MCs that don’t go overboard unless people offend them first (which inevitably happens for the plot to progress)

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    • I actually like that part of Chinese WNs, I think it is more reflective of reality. Power corrupts indiscriminately and even the main characters who we are rooting for are not immune. They aren’t saints, they are just like everyone else.

      At the same time I have to say that reading about a main character that doesn’t get walked all over by the other chatacters is nice after reading too many Japanese LNs. MCs in LNs tend to be more passive and goes with the flow and it always feels like they get taken advantage of by other characters. Like what we see here where Beana is getting just a ton of expert magicraft advice from Jin. And before that with the village as well. But no one seems to appreciate just how much work and expertise went into Jin’s inventions. If Jin didn’t have the magi craft meister’s house to fall back on I think he’d be living in poverty right now because he has never gotten paid for his inventions.

      It usually takes a traumatic event for LN MCs to actually take things seriously. At least Chinese WN MCs start out knowing what they want and aren’t afraid to go all out for it.

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      • And all they want are the same thing.. for every other novels.
        Be the strongest and rub all other peoples faces with their feet/destroying the souls of villain that pop up for no reason at all..


        • All you did was to make a normative claim on what he said — Yes, the Chinese MCs tend to be self-centered and very ambitious. It can indeed manifest in such a greedy and evil way, but that’s not the crux of it. It’s just how an author can manifest the basic tropes of the genre (dog-eat-dog-world, always have to stand up for oneself, never ending conflict), while the same is true for Japanese works which tend to have very, VERY laid-back MCs who are just there to let other characters sponge off of him.

          So while the Chinese tend to write stories about perpetual conflict and the ambitions of oneself,
          The Japanese produce a lot of works which end up writing about slice-of-life, casual, laid back settings in which there’s very little to no conflict. And even if there is, that’s hardly the focus.
          That’s practically the difference between Jap and Chinese, really. Japs tend to give everything to their MCs so they can live a quiet, happy life, and the Chinese keep beating the fuck out of their MCs while handing them some form of an opportunity to get better, which is only a trap to get them even more beat up on a higher level. Whether high-conflict is your thing or not, is another thing.

          Also, Koreans seem to be somewhere in the middle. Their worlds are harsh, but they’re actually realistic with how harsh their worlds are. Conflict and reward are very balanced and not off the scales. :u


    • I think I disagree with you
      most MC in Chinsese Xianxia novel act only base on how evil there opponents are I think being inhuman against inhuman is a very human nature

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    • Understand you with some novels example the Mc rape girls or somethings else , for that I dont recommend Tales of the Reincarnated Lord or remonster
      I like some novel because love his family Mushoku Tensei its comple , the best for me and have harem (for they like harem XD) , other with future harem but the MC its super sweet and a Op . Other his love his family its Ark , other can read too its release the witch . Some thing super sweet (Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!, I have other but I dont remember the name . I dont like with Yuri for that I cant recommend with that about Yaoi yet dont find any super good


  1. What’s wrong with the younger siblings anyhow? Is it ever mentioned? I just assumed it was malnutrition, but I hadn’t heard of that causing bleeding of the gums…

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    • It was mentioned in previous chapters, Jin thinks its scurvy, to which I concur. A very common disease in previous centuries, especially for sailors. You sort of can say it’s due to malnutrition, more like lack of Vitamin C (hence the fruits from Jin).

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  2. Thank you for the chapter~ No recommendations for reading material from this end, I’m afraid. Hope you have better luck than I will be able to provide!


  3. I hate how she will gain all the credit for what his ideas are! Why not start a company under a brand that way, hes at the top and she can be the 2nd? Leaving credit satisfied

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    • Jin already has a private island with loyal maids and more treasure than the king. About the only thing the outside world can offer him is tasty food. He doesn’t really need money.
      I also think Jin doesn’t want to be credited for an apprentice’s shoddy work either. I mean, this fridge would not survive a direct hit by a nuke, that work will just sully a Magi Craft Meister’s name.


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