3. Aristocracy Union Knight Leader

 I was finished with checking my own status, but was talking about something with some noble-like people. The girl seemed nervous.

 For now, let’s try using 【Appraisal】 on the girl.

│Name: Elena Delaidos
│Occupation: Princess

│Level: 1
│HP: 70
│MP: 120

│Power: 7
│Ability: 7
│Endurance: 7
│Magic Power: 14

│【Water Magic】(Level: 1)
│ • Water Control

│【Recovery Magic】(Level: 1)
│ • Illness Mitigation

 Her name is Elena-chan, she really is a princess huh~
 Skills are【Water Magic】 and 【Recovery Magc】. I see I see~

 I decided to try using the 【Tracking】 magic
 D-Don’t misunderstand! It’s not like I intend to use for anything weird!
 When I secretly use 【Tracking】 on Elena-chan, a map was displayed and a flashing dot showing Elena-chan’s position on the map appeared.

 When I tried to sense the location of the tracking, video and audio streamed into my head.
 A close-up of Elena-chan suddenly streamed in. I was surprised but I also heard the voices of the king’s group whispering.

「We failed the enslavement. At this rate, that guy will be a threat!」
「How should we deal with him?」

「Lyle Gewalt, I’ll give this job to you」
「Yes my king, what kind of job is it?」

「I’ll attract that guy’s attention, you’ll kill him with your sword from behind」
「Understood, please leave it to me」

 Seriously! Deciding to kill all of a sudden, what’s with the people of this country!?

 I’ll also use 【Appraisal】 on that guy called Lyle Gewalt

│Name: Lyle Gewalt
│Occupation: Aristocracy Union Knight Leader

│Level: 20
│HP: 150
│MP: 20

│Power: 17
│Ability: 15
│Endurance: 14
│Magic Power: 2

│【Sword Techniques】(Level: 2)
│ • Vertical Slash
│ • Double Slash

 He seems strong, there’s no way I could kill him if we fought normally, I don’t have a weapon either. I guess I’ll have to somehow use 【Space-Time Magic】. I did put up a barrier but how much attacks can it defend against?
 Since I don’t know the to what extent of an attack it can defend against, I can’t really rely on it much.

 While thinking about that, a red dot appeared on the map showing Lyle Gewalt’s position. Is this because I recognise him as an enemy?

 After a while, the king’s group seemed to have finished whispering and the people who gathered returned to their original position.
 Lyle Gewalt moved towards right behind me under the cover of the crowd.

「I’ve made you wait, thou must subdue the demon lord. To begin with, a demon lord is something that carries out atrocious acts~」

 The king began a forced, bombastic speech.
 The king seemed to frequently look at Lyle Gewalt while making the speech.

 Then at that time.

「F-Father! This kind of things, please st「Elena!」」

 Princess Elena interrupted the king’s speech, trying to say something, but the king stopped it by angrily shouting.

「Elena, I’m talking about something important right now. Wait in another room until I’m done!」
「But Father!」
「Enough! Take the princess to another room!」

 Princess Elena is surrounded by several soldiers and taken away by force.
 After checking the 【Tracking】 video, the princess was taken out of the room while crying.
 Was Princess Elena trying to warn be about the danger?

 While the room was noisy, the king sent a wink towards my behind.

 I suddenly sensed 【Danger】 from behind.

 I immediately warped with 【Teleportation】 across from the king, a sword swung down from behind where I was at before and the metallic sound of the sword hitting the floor rang.
 It was Lyle Gewalt as I had expected.
 Just to make sure, I use the 【Slow】 magic on Lyle Gewalt.

 Lyle Gewalt noticed I teleported and began to pursue. However, with 【Quick】 on me and 【Slow】 on Lyle Gewalt, his attacks were like they were in slow motion to me.
 I carefully observe Lyle Gewalt’s actions and just before the moment his left foot stepped on the floor, I managed a leg sweep.
 Breaking Lyle Gewalt’s posture he used his left hand to stop his fall on the floor, but I kicked that left hand.
 Without the support of his left hand, Lyle Gewalt crashed into the floor with his face.
 In the interval, with 【Teleportation】 I jumped to a common soldier who was dumbfounded and stole his sword.

 Lyle Gewalt stubbornly got up, charging towards me again. And then the moment he swung down his sword at me! With the sword I just stole, I finished up with a counter.


 In the room that fell silent, the sound of the sword falling down reverberated.

 Along with the sword, Lyle Gewalt’s wrist also fell.


 Lyle Gewalt tumbled in agony.

 The people around held their breaths from the results of the event.

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