Joker Script

Well I was learning Joker Script and thought that since I’m reading the tutorial and documentation, I might as well translate it too.

Joker Script is Unity-made Novel Game Production Kit that’s compatible with KAG3/KiriKiri and TyranoScript and can also use Live2D and MMD files among other things. Put simply, a Visual Novel Kit for Unity with a lot of features.

Currently translated 3 tutorial pages already.


8 thoughts on “Joker Script

    • I’ve been playing around with Ren’Py too, but it just doesn’t offer the ease of use to customise compared to Unity for me. Since I already know C#, it’s much more easier for me to use Unity. Joker Script also allows me to port to way more devices than Ren’Py as well.

      I’m currently part of a team working on a VN, and our composer was looking to do dynamic music which changed along with the text at certain parts, and although Ren’Py can do this, the method requires you to pretty much play all different versions of the music at the same time while setting all but one to mute and switch between which is not muted for dynamic music. The other method is to use the PyGame library by installing the pygame_sdl2 for Ren’Py, however I had a lot of trouble with getting that to work. Since I was planning on using Unity in the future, I had a look and found Joker Script and decided to go ahead and use it since Unity has a lot more support for this kind of coding/

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      • I see. It offers more flexibility and complicated features.
        That’s cool.
        I’m already planning to buy a new system by next year, so maybe I’ll give this a try by then. Hopefully it would be fully translated by that time. XD


        • Well you can also do whatever on Ren’Py as long as you have coding experience in Python, but Python is more Linux based while C# that Unity uses is Windows based so it’s much more harder to create the complicated features with Python when you’re using Windows.


    • Well it’s not an engine but rather a kit (Unity is the engine), and by compatible, it’s talking about the script, so if you can import the script and all that stuff, then I guess so.


  1. Hi! Your tutorial translations helped me to begin using JokerScript, thank you for the translation! 😀

    I’m using JokerScript in a Unity project I’m developing, and I’m having two different bugs, when I try to add english text:

    In the “choice text” (when choices appear in the screen, for the player to select one of them) if I put a spacebar in the choice name, it cuts the text after the spacebar. For example:
    [select_new text=”Wait here” target=select_a1 ] (only displays “Wait” in-game)
    [select_new text=”Look around” target=
    select_a2 ] (only displays “Look” in-game)
    [select_new text=”Look_around” target=*select_a3 ] (that displays “Look_around”, but then again, that’s a hack, hehe)
    When I add any apostrophe (the ‘ character) in the text, it cuts the text after the apostrophe. For example:
    Ugh, can’t remember a thing…[p] (only displays “Ugh, can” in-game)

    Have you encountered these bugs? Do you know how to fix them, or if I have to type the “spacebar” and “apostrophe” in a different way? (using some kind of special characters, maybe)


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