Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 10

Someone save me from Clicker Heroes >_<

URL (not domain) changes soon to change, after I finish my assignment. (Have to create 2 sites, one with ASP.NET and one with PHP. Damn Laravel PHP so many errors)
URLs are currently in this format …/magi-craft-meister/volume-#/chapter-#-chapter-name
which will change to …/mcm/vol-#/ch-#
for simpler navigation.

Also footnotes will be reduced where only thing related to Japanese meaning will be given a footnote. So things like ladle which people might not know won’t be given a footnote as those words can be easily Googled. References will be added to footnote though (e.g. Dragon Quest Quote).

Release schedule is now just any day with minimum of 2 chapters a week so I don’t have to be bothered with a specific deadline. This week will likely only see 2 chapters as I will be focusing on finishing my assignment. After that I’ll be rushing to finish Chapter 1 of UchiNara as I haven’t done much on it sadly. It’s currently at about 50% complete so the rush will be the rest of Chapter 1 and 25% of Chapter 2 before going back into my regular lazyish mode.

Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 10

Well, I’ve barely gotten through half of what I wanted to read. Click continue reading if you want to know what I’ve read in this 2.5 week period.

So for Light Novels read, Kyoukai no Senjou no Horizon, Hidan no Aria (re-read), Sword Art Online (re-read).

For Web Novels it was only Chinese WNs: Against the Gods; Battle through the Heavens; Coiling Dragon; Martial God Asura; Stellar Transformation (up to Book 6); Douluo Dalu.

Ranking No (Female Character Ranking No):
1. Coiling Dragon (2)
2. Douluo Dalu (5)
3. Martial God Asura (3)
4. Against the Gods (1)
5. Battle through the Heavens (4)
6. Stellar Transformation (6)

Stellar Transformations needs more grills, I better see more grill or it’ll probably stay at the bottom of my ranking.

Any recommendations? Preferably with more than 50 chapters translated for WN or 2 volumes for LN.


34 thoughts on “Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 10

  1. Only Sense Online. Lots of girls… In fact, MC has a questionable gender issue. XD
    If we’re talking about novels w/ less than 50 chapters though, there would be a lot to list that have caught my attention.
    Shadow Rogue
    Magi’s Grandson
    I Shall Seal the Heavens
    The Legendary Thief
    The Man Picked Up by the Gods
    To Deprive the Deprived (translator’s grammar is a little clunky and needs a lot of work, but still an interesting story)
    The Alchemist God
    There are some more novels that are relatively getting ‘newly’ translated that I’m keeping an eye on, but these above are the ones that stand out.


    • No, I just procrastinated too much and am now trying to finish up my one day overdue assignment. I’ll be doing 4-6 chapters this week to make up for the delays. 2-3 Chapters will be released in about 32 hours from this comment while another 2-3 Chapters will be released on Friday.


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