Magi Craft Meister Volume 1 Chapter 19

Did not expect that kind of weapon for Jin XD

Much easier chapter than last one. Well then… I’ll be trying to read Zhan Long now. I tried reading Coiling Dragon for my first Chinese WN but the start got me a bit bored and I couldn’t be bothered continuing so I put that on my to read later. Enjoy your chapter~

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51 thoughts on “Magi Craft Meister Volume 1 Chapter 19

  1. Thanks for the chapter! For me the deal is not that he is using a water gun, but that he gave identical ones to all the children to play :D, like if you know the right magic you can blast golems easily with them and they are “playfully” shooting each other with such artifacts :D. It seems like giving children plactic knives and making them thing such things don’t hurt them, so like STAB GAME!!!


    • The author could be preparing to justify the villagers’ accuracy at using gun weapons in the future by giving them water guns now to practice with. That way, there will be various chapters where this is mentioned and so when all of a sudden, villages get gun type weapons, it will NOT be an ass pull to say they are proficient at aiming and shooting. After all, it’s reasonable to assume they’ve already practiced PK, not PK, target shooting, and AoE gun mechanics already with the non-lethal versions if they have team games with those water guns.

      The real problem lies in allowing villagers to fire those guns without being mage type mana users. He can’t claim the guns are “golems” in order to have them supply their own source of mana to power the weapon. As soon as the villages get mana weapons, that will break the world’s barrier separating mages from non-mages in the use of tools and techniques. If the readers don’t care, then fine, it will be like all other light novels in ignoring plot problems or conventional fantasy logic. After all, if the author refuses to acknowledge the problem exists, then there is no problem, right? At that point, it will be time to strap mana guns and bomb throwers to the horse golems and put the firing switch on the handlebars! Then each horse is in effect a land-based fighter aircraft shooting guns and bombs/missiles at the enemy. vrooom The MC can then build some centipede-like golems (but with much fewer legs) and mount some longer range guns on top that shoot metallic ore projectiles. He can name these golems Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, and Nagato. He could even build a really fast moving lower-firepower golem and name it Fubuki. Lastly, he can make burrowing golems good for mining without digging pits. These can also be equipped with weapons later on. He could name his first one Iona. Any opponent to the village would have to be pretty tough to take on Iona, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Nagato, and Fubuki.


      • Why bother? He just could make a Ion Cannon(Command&Conquer) lookalike weapon like cough someone, from absolutely no previous experience, unless it is taught in Japanese High Schools or Orphanages, which seems very likely knowing that common Japanese high schooler has like 95% better chance to survive in hostile environments than the likes of measly buff grownup marines or veteran soldiers 😀


        • Why make a look-alike without functionality? It is unlikely that Jin could be able to make something that he has no idea about for the concepts behind it and it would take a while for him to make new concepts based on magic.
          As for guns, he’ll need to find the materials for gunpowder. To produce the Golems, Windows, Water Guns, etc so far he has dug up a 5 diameter hole some metres in depth and another hole 3-4 metres in depth and that is from him being lucky. To produce all the things Naeko has said, he’ll have to dig a lot of mountains.
          It is mostly impossible for Jin to give them such advanced things. He just wishes to repay them for what they’ve done for him and he’ll only be giving them enough weapons (Golems) to defend themselves from dangerous beasts and a small group of bandits or something. If he were to give them advanced weapons, they would need the power to match the Kingdom’s military power or it would be taken.


      • No no, if only looking in offense department, arming all the people with superior weapons(axes) giving them moto-horses that basically refuel themselves and never get tired and 2 adamantium golems is total overkill for a village of that size, the golems alone possibly would be almost unstoppable, seeing as original ver. bent the babes sword, and now with limited intellect and upped stats…


    • His kind of repayment is like if you would go to a resort and rent a room in someones private home with food included, but having no money on hand you would make a rocket silo in the backyard to defend against burglars 😀


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