Magi Craft Meister Volume 1 Chapter 6

A bit later than I had planned, was about 85% done Thursday night but then I got hooked back on LMS again (read it and had stopped after reading Volume 17) because I read the first few lines of Vol 21. Seoyoon best girl.

Well anyway here it is, Chapter 6 of Volume 1.

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21 thoughts on “Magi Craft Meister Volume 1 Chapter 6

    • I don’t really have a set schedule but it’s usually around 3-4 chapters a week right now. Goal is to do 1 chapter a day because the author of MCM is doing 1 chapter a day which I could do but that gets me really tired and bored considering it takes me 4+ hours per chapter.

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    • now that say it, there is another web novel series that focuses on that theme, its basically what happens to the MC after he returns to his original world only to find his “home” is gone and most of those people he knows have grown up (for him only 2 years have passed but for others in his original world 8 years have passed)


  1. Conversely, if he strengthened himself with magic power he would have an unthinkable amount of strength, but it would still be along time before Jin noticed that.

    along time > a long time


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Another day, another new invention.
    I’m really enjoying this novel, it’s a nice break from the other novels.


  3. If I was a merchant and caught wind of the technology in the village, like Roland, I would’ve hired some mercenaries and taken hostages, forcing Jin to explain how to make everything, then kill everyone to prevent it’s further spread then sell it as my own invention.


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